Thursday, January 5, 2017


Up earlier this morning to get chores and breakfast and get my errands and shopping done before the "oh no it's going to snow" crowd descends on all the stores to empty the grocery shelves of milk and bread !!!!
"Red sky in the morning, sailor take warning"   may very well apply to our weather as this is what the sky looked like early today  !!

At my first stop which was Sam's Club I have a business card so I get in early before the store opens to the public at 10am and it was Heavenly to be one of the very few customers in there. However I got a little side tracked by the route I took on into town from Sam's and stopped at Bon Worth clothing store (which I love to shop in ) to check out the sales racks. With deep discounts plus another 50% off at the register I came away with several things I don't actually need !!
I then went to Aldi which was very crowded by now and left me thankful that is the only grocery store I need to go into today.
I made stops at the post office and the bank then went to market to meet a customer with the 5 dozen eggs I have for sale. She called yesterday and wanted them Saturday but I'm almost positive with the snow coming in we will not be there Saturday. Market was open today and I was surprised to see several customers milling around inside. I went inside after she got her eggs and several vendors said they had a decent sales day today.  I am glad to have to choice to go some on the nice warm sunny Thursdays.
I left there and stopped by a thrift shop where I found an entire box of candle holders for $4 that came home with me. Then I went to the co-op to get some more Ceylon cinnamon and stopped by Ingles last but only for a gas tank fill up. My dad always would fill all his vehicle gas tanks before a really cold weather spell. He said it kept moisture from condensing on the inside of the tanks in the cold temps. Don't know if there is anything to this but somehow I always do as he said even though he has been gone for over 35 years !!!!   Thanks for reminding me  dad !!!!
After a quick lunch at home I did more cleaning in the sunroom today and put all the big rugs back down in there to help keep the heat in.
I also changed the bedclothes . A couple weeks ago I received in the mail a new washing cycle chart to put on my Samsung machine changing the bed clothes cycle to the delicate cycle and today I must say that worked much better when I put sheets , mattress cover and afghans in the washer together.
I have no pics for today so these are today's snow fall predictions for our area. Our entire area is under a winter storm warning from tomorrow evening until mid day on Saturday.

 The local weathermen say this storm is a nightmare to predict because the path keeps changing making the snow amounts go up and down.

One thing they all agree on is the temperature and it is going to be very very cold after this snow falls.
We are ready and prepared to hunker down in front of the wood stove and eat homemade vegetable soup !!!
I finished my day on the heating pad for an aching back from toting all the big rugs up the stairs this afternoon and moving furniture to get them back on the floors.
Thankful for a loving God and praying for the safety of all the folks who have to be out in this storm that is headed our way.
God Bless and Good Night.

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linda m said...

Wow you really had a busy day. Praying you don't get too much snow and that you all keep safe and warm. We still have the bitter cold and even colder wind chills, so no going outside for me again today. Have a great weekend and God's Blessings to you .