Tuesday, January 17, 2017


Whew !! 7 am came really early today as g-daughter arrived. We layed back down in bed to wait for a little more light outside so I could get the chores done before we left for play school.
Neither of us went back to sleep and at 7;30 it was light enough to begin our day.
While she ate her waffles and watched cartoons I went outside to get the chores done.
We got to play school about 8:45. She was a little better about me leaving her today and started playing with some stacking blocks they had so I quickly sneaked out the door.
The laundry wasn't crowded at all and I got the big machines to get all my rugs and bedspreads in them. After washing and drying all except the rubber backed rugs I was finished about 10:00 and headed home. I decided to hang the wet rugs out on the clothes line as the wind is blowing and even though it is cloudy it is almost 60 degrees and there is no rain predicted until tonight.
This is the final good bye to my favorite holiday season when all these are dried and put away !!!  Also it is strange for me to have anything hanging on the clothesline in January !!

 I finished hanging out the wet rugs and putting away all the dry things and then had time for my devotions and a hot cup of tea before heading back into town to pick g-daughter up.
She was tired from playing hard all morning and slept all the way home.
We had lunch when she woke up then played . She loves dancing with the Sesame Street characters !!
At 2:00 she went down for about 1 1/2 hour nap again today. She slept restlessly as if something was bothering her.
When she woke up it was back to playtime. She is getting very inventive and figuring out how to climb everywhere.
 Big girl status in the recliner !!!
 This little red stool is about to disappear as soon as she leaves today  !!!!!

"Who me ??? What do you mean I'm not suppose to be sitting in the window ??? "
She is getting to be quite a little character !!!
After d-in-love picked her up and hubbie came home we did chores. It feels like it could start raining any minute outside with the humidity in the air.
A new storm was named today, Kori, this one is predicted to follow the same path as Jupiter and add more snow and ice to the hard hit areas.
Some weather folks in our area are predicting a pattern change for us by the first of next week .
We have had a lazy evening as hubbie is still recovering from his clod and now I have a sore throat tonight, grrrrr !!!
Thankful to God for all the undeserved blessing He sends my way each and every day.
God Bless and Good Night.

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linda m said...

G-daughter sure does bring back memories of when my son was that age. He would climb anything and everything he could. Would you believe that at age 47 he still does climb everything. This time it is mountains and ice flows. Kids never seem to really grow up. Haha Blessings