Wednesday, January 11, 2017


As I sit down to write today's blog post this is one of those days that I seriously consider skipping the post. But since I started this blog back in July of 2009 I have managed not to skip even one post and no I'm not going to start skipping now !!
It was a warm morning already at 40 degrees when I did morning chores. It is nice not to slip and slide around in the slick snow and surely nice not to have to carry water from the house. With the above freezing overnight temps the water in the outside buckets is thawed enough to have water this morning.
I feel better about turning Sadie out to have free run today with the warmer temps also.
I did keep a fire going downstairs all morning just to knock down the dampness of a cloudy misty morning.
After breakfast I got back into my daily devotions. I have been so busy lately that I have missed starting my day with some passages from His word.
I cleaned house all morning and most of the afternoon catching up on all the snow day footprints and washing all the snow suits for next time !!
I had a little time to search for decade pics this afternoon before hubbie got in from work and we did chores.
Thankfully Sadie was up here at the house this evening under her favorite bush resting and we didn't have to walk to the bottom again.
Aa brought a roll of hay for the cattle and horse over here.
We came inside and I did weekly paperwork discovering a double charge on my credit card bill from GNC. Another stop for tomorrow's business, grrrrrr !!!!   I wonder how many people don't catch these things???   I bought some oils on Dec 24 and they put that charge on there plus the same amount of purchase on Dec 25. They were not even open on Dec 25 !!!!
I also wonder how much of this is done on purpose by retailers ????
Talked to sis-in-law Sandy to finish the evening.
Not a very exciting day today !!
There is a new named winter storm today, Jupiter is dropping more snow on the north west but looks like the warm southern air flow will keep it north of us but you never know since it is such a slow moving storm.
Grateful tonight for a loving , gracious Lord and praying for His grace on everything I do.
God Bless and Good Night

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linda m said...

Happy to hear you were able to read your devotions yesterday and that the temps were a little kinder to you. I had a double charge from a hotel once on my credit card bill. I always check my bill. Hoping the new storm doesn't affect you much. Have a great day. Blessings