Sunday, January 15, 2017


Getting to lounge in bed longer than any other morning on Sundays starts my Sundays out Heavenly from the beginning !!
A big announcement at church this morning from our pastor search committee as they presented our associate pastor Craig Stepp for a vote to be our next pastor. Me and my family are over joyed with this decision and I just hope that 75% of our church members feel the same way and will vote him in on January 29.
For lunch we had roast beef , mashed potatoes, green beans and creamed corn with biscuits and some of our fresh garden kale greens.
#1 son's family were our only guest today.
After everyone left we had a good laugh when I went outside to let Flash out of his dog lot and found hubbie had shut up Roho the rooster with him before we left for church this morning. They were happily co-habituating !!!  This rooster really does think he is a dog !!!

Hubbie who is still trying to get over a nasty head cold and I spent the afternoon resting.
A misty rain was falling by the time we went out for chore time this afternoon. The high today was  65 degrees  and cloudy most of the day.
  Sadie the dog that was in the accident a couple weeks ago has suddenly stopped eating today so we are wondering what is going on with her.
BB celebrated his 2nd birthday today up in Ohio with Re's family. Re is so creative when it comes to birthday cakes and this suits BB perfectly !!

I moved a younger rooster that I thought was a pullet for a long time out into the garden this evening hopefully he will stay in there and I can put him a lady friend to keep him company.
In my decade search last week I ran across some news articles from January 1947. I remember hearing talk about the "Black Dahlia" when I was a young girl and this is her picture in  a news article from January 1947.Elizabeth Short aka Black Dahlia was killed on January 15, 1947 , in this article the police had brought in a suspect but he was turned loose and this murder was never solved .

In this article about the Political firestorm that surrounded the Georgia governor's inauguration in January 1947 just goes to show that politics have always had an ugly side !!

And this is the birth announcement of one of my first cousins. Pat who was the second daughter of my mom's sister, Carol was born on January 11,1947.
I know these news articles mean nothing now but by preserving them in this blog I'm sure they will get even more interesting as time moves on.
This has been a really quiet evening and hubbie and I both have just rejuvenated for the week ahead.
Thankful for the decision for our church today and I pray that God will bless this young man as he prepares to serve and I pray that God touch the heart of everyone in the congregation that they be accepting and supportive as Craig embarks on God's mission for our church.
I am thankful for the daily blessing in my life and I find myself not feeling like I am appreciative enough of all the good things He does in life.
God Bless and Good Night.

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linda m said...

I'll say a prayer that the congregation vote for your Associate Pastor to get in. Happy #2 Birthday to little BB. Blessings