Thursday, January 19, 2017


The streets of Hendersonville were empty at 7am this morning and also pretty much the same at 10am when I got to market. I stopped by the PO first to mail a handful of bills so they would get today's post mark !!!!
Some fellow vendors bought brownies in the first hour I was there for a grand total of $6 , I also sold  three dozen eggs for $8 and that is what I made today before I decided to pack it in just after noon and get my errands done.
Can't blame the customer lack on the weather as it is a sunny day with temps in the 50's after starting out a bit cooler than lately with temps in the upper 30's. This storm named Kori seems to be dipping more southerly than any of the ones before it so we'll see what this might mean for our weather ??
I did the banking and shopped at Ingles and Aldi for groceries and baking supplies. I made it home around 3:00 for an early  afternoon.  I was surprised and dismayed at the same time when Sadie the Aussie came running down to meet me in the driveway !!  She is feeling much better and starting to eat better but still is not strong enough to get out of the way of approaching cars in the drive. I was hoping she had learned her lesson but unfortunately she has not. Hopefully everyone will watch out for her until she gets her full strength back.
I bought her some new different dog food today and she seemed to really like it this evening.
Sis-in-law Sandy came over and brought the kennel and heating pad back that she borrowed for an older dog she has. We had a nice visit while she was here.
Hubbie and I both rested this evening. Even with the temperature still at 50 degrees it is so damp from the approaching storms that hubbie built a fire downstairs in that woodstove to knock the chill off this evening.
Back in January 1987 we had a snow storm on New Years Day to the delight of our three little snow bunnies !!  #1 son was 5 years old, #2 son was 3 years old and daughter was 22 months old.

Even Aunt Lauri got in on a snowball fight !!!
Our camper.......
Back of the house.....
My dad's old barn in the background of this picture was what we used for several years when we first got into cattle farming.
Great memories !!!!
Thankful for the grace of God to have led me through the life I have had and allowed me the memories I have. I strive each day in all that I do to glorify His name.
God Bless and Good Night

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linda m said...

You have some beautiful memories. Nothing can ever take them from you. Sorry you had such a slow market day. Have a great weekend. God's blessings to you and the family.