Sunday, January 8, 2017


Brrrrrrr !!!!!  A cold 7 degrees this morning made me want to snuggle down and wait for the sun to warm things up a bit but the animals had other ideas so my day began.
I carried a bucket of water from the house to the chicken houses since I knew their water pans would be frozen solid. I use some plastic feeder pans I bought to feed calves in years ago. These pans are old but they are very sturdy and even with slamming them onto the ground to break the ice from them they don't crack.
Feeding time takes longer on these below freezing mornings and today I really got chilled before I got back inside. Even with the bright sun shine and this glorious blue sky it was very cold .
I have been confused all day trying to figure out what day of the week this is. It doesn't seem like Sunday since church was canceled this morning.
Daughter sent me this pic of one of the secondary roads they went out on today and they are  really icy.
Annie and Tomtom were enjoying the warm sunshine today.

Hubbie and I made a crock pot full of vegetable soup for everyone today. Aa came by for an early lunch before he went to scrape snow and #1 son's family came by for a late lunch.
The kids wanted to play in the snow for a while but it only warmed up to 19 degrees so they didn't stay out long.

This is a really good snow to sled in as it is frozen and slick and the sled goes very fast.

Even in the yard the sled didn't even make much of a track in the solidly frozen snow.
G-son caught some air on one of the bumps in the driveway.

G-daughter took her first short solo ride and at first she looked not so sure but that little smile means she will be just as daring as her brother is.

G-daughter was the first one to get cold and want to come back inside. She had a tomato for a snack while she watched her brother through the back door.
When g-son came in he asked for me to make some snow cream so of course I obliged with a big bowl full.
This is a favorite of his and g-daughter who had her first snow cream today acts like it will be a favorite of hers also.

Daughter sent this picture of her and her fur babies out for a walk in their housing development.
Schools are closed tomorrow so we will get to have another fun day and the temps are supposed to get above freezing tomorrow afternoon at least for a while as all of WNC is still under a winter weather advisory for slick roads.
 G-son asked to spend the night with us tonight so right now he and pawpaw are playing a video game on the laptop !!!
 It is fun to listen to g-son laugh and say how hilarious the game is and how pawpaw really sucks at the game !!!!! And pawpaw said there is too many buttons to push !!!!!
A really fun way to end a snowed in weekend !!!
Thankful to God for the blessings of this day and praying for all the folks who must brave the slick roads tomorrow morning , may they all be safe .
God Bless and Good Night.

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linda m said...

Happy to hear y'all are warm and safe. What is it with kids and snow? Keep warm and God's blessings to you and the family.