Tuesday, January 24, 2017


7am alarm this morning as g-daughter arrived and was ready to start the day. I fixed her breakfast and went to do the chores . I came in and got ready for our trip to see the ultrasound of daughter's baby girl this morning.
Daughter came here since she isn't going back to work until this afternoon. I didn't have time for any breakfast so I had a cup of Kieffer and drank the cup of hot chi tea daughter brought me from Starbucks on her way over.
D-in-love called and said the elementary school she works at didn't have any power. The high winds probably blew something down. There were about 6500 customers without power this morning.
#2 son's house is in this area so he didn't have power this morning, thankfully it wasn't cold today.
They eventually closed two elementary schools that were effected but d-in-love had to stay and see that all the kids already at school got home and that there was someone at home to care for them !
Daughter ,g-daughter and I left for Asheville about 8:45 for her 9:15 appointment. Josh and Josh's mom Connie met us there.
The baby is perfectly where it is supposed to be and all organs seemed to be working fine in the ultrasound.

G-daughter getting her first look at her first cousin  !!!!!

These images always amaze me with their detail.
And she gave us the "peace or victory" sign to say that things are fine in there !!!!

G-daughter and I stayed for the doctor's appointment . This doctor also delivered g-daughter so he was glad to see her doing so well .
As soon as we put g-daughter in her car seat after the appointment she went straight to sleep. Daughter and I went through a drive thru and ate lunch in the car while she slept.
We came home and she woke up when we parked in the yard.
She had her lunch then played for the afternoon while daughter went back to work.
She loves this car and gets in and waves and says bye !!!1

D-in-love picked her up after she ran an errand . I rested until hubbie got home then we did chores. The temperature today was nice in the upper 50's but the wind made it a little cool.
  Sadie the outside furbaby that I hit with my car before Christmas is almost back to her normal self except she still has some drainage from her nose. She was anxious to get inside the basement tonight to her warm crate.
Hubbie and I watched parts of some basketball games tonight and rested . We built a fire in the downstairs woodstove to fend off the mid 30's chill that is predicted for tonight.
Thankful tonight for the new little life that is joining our family. Another sweet , God -given miracle will come into this world in June and win all our hearts as g-son did 10 years ago and g-daughter did 16 months ago.  This has been a blessed day and I am very very thankful to God .
God Bless and Good Night.

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linda m said...

That is great news that all is well with your daughter and the baby. Blessings