Friday, January 6, 2017


Went back to sleep after I turned the alarm off this morning and was surprised when I woke up about 45 minutes later. Maybe my body was telling me I needed a little more rest today.
Out to do the chores in a eerily calm quiet cold morning. Snow most certainly is on the way by the feel in the air .
After breakfast I went to work on more house cleaning until lunch time when hubbie got off work early to get things ready for the snow.
He had to meet the Dish TV repairman at #1 son's house as they had to move the satellite dish after the dormers were added to the back of his house.
When he came back home we ate lunch then put out a roll of hay for the cattle and horse on this side of the road. Aa is working today and probably won't get home in time to take care of both pastures before the snow flakes start to fly.
Hubbie also had to get fire wood stocked up at each door as it is hard to push a wheelbarrow full of firewood in deep snow.

As if on cue great big flakes of snow started to fall about 2:30. Daughter called on her way home and said it looked like snowballs falling from the sky hitting her windshield !!!

The surrounding mountains disappeared and the "snow flowers" started to bloom .

It didn't take long at all for the huge snowflakes to accumulate on everything.
D-in-love had to go to the rehearsal of our friends wedding at 4:00 and #1 son had to go grocery shopping while she was gone so the kids came to stay here with us in the warm house.

Hubbie and I took turns doing the chores slipping and sliding around in all the snow that was already piling up on the ground.
We all had supper before son and d-in-love came to pick the kids up.
It is still funny how the weather folks are still differing in the snow totals for our area. Of course if it snows 5 or 6 inches they would both be correct !!!

Alot of the country has snow cover today !!!
And today another winter storm named Iras turned her wrath on the western coastal states with torrential rains and feet of snow predicted for the weekend  !!
As I watch the pouring snow outside tonight I wonder what we will wake up tomorrow with ???

It is 29 degrees at 11:00 expected to get into the lower 20's before morning and then not more than mid 20's for the high tomorrow so what snow falls certainly will stick around !!
Thankful tonight for a warm home and praying for all the workers who have to be out in this mess tonight and through the weekend. God protect each and everyone.
God Bless and Good Night.

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