Friday, January 27, 2017


A reminder of winter this morning as the upper 20's temps felt really cold after all our nice warm temps of the last couple weeks.
I got all the chores done then had a big breakfast before braving the cold winds to have a morning walk.
The sky is pretty this morning with all the fleeting clouds with the cold front that is moving in.
After my walk I worked on cleaning in my office while I waited to see if any cake orders would come in before I started baking.
By lunch time there were no orders so I baked 6 caramel, 2 chocolate, 3 pound cakes and a pan of brownies.
I did a little more work in my office cleaning project then had a cup of hot tea while I watched the first news .
Just as we were heading out to do chores #1 son called asking if the kids could come up here to stay while he took d-in-love to the doctor. She had came home from work early today and was feeling really bad.
Hubbie and I hurried through chores and then watched these two for the evening.

I left hubbie with them and iced my cakes and got things all ready for market tomorrow.
When son got back he said they thought d-in-love had the flu even though the flu test they gave her came out negative as she had all the flu symptoms. She had a flu shot so hopefully she will get over it quickly.
After the kids left hubbie and I cleaned the kitchen and then rested until bedtime.
It is going to be a cold night as the temperature at 10:30 is already down to 30 degrees.
That old saying about snow within 7-10 days from thunder may be coming true this weekend if this forecast holds true for Sunday.
I'm tired tonight and headed for an early bedtime.
Thankful to God for a blessing filled day and thanking Him each day for my health.
God Bless and Good Night.

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