Monday, January 23, 2017


Just as I started getting ready for bed last night I could hear the rain pounding the metal roof.  After I got in bed the thunder and lightening began along with what seemed like endless pouring rain. The storm on radar looked really bad and comma shaped which made me really nervous.

 Finally about 1am the rain slacked and the thunder grew more and more distant . Before I could relax and go to sleep I checked the downstairs to make sure there was no water coming in anywhere. The winds blew the rain in all directions against all the windows but luckily the downstairs was all dry . It didn't take me long to get to sleep thankfully.
I don't know if it rained any more or not but this is what we found when g-daughter arrived at 7:15 this morning.

Water, water everywhere and 3 inches in the rain gauge.
It was still lightly raining as I did chores and then we settled in for a day inside .
I got weekly laundry started and this little one decided to nap in the recliner this morning.
While she napped hubbie headed over to the community Barber Shop to get his hair cut.
When he got back we all had lunch .
G-daughter knew all that water wasn't suppose to be in the pasture and kept saying "moo" trying to see the cows.  Lucky for them they were all in the upper pasture last night.

Later this evening the sun came out for a really short time and it was pretty reflecting off the flood water still in the pasture.

The rain came back and we did chores in a light rain again this evening before the wind really kicked up again tonight.
Thankfully the rain has moved out and now we are just hoping we keep our electric overnight with all the high wind and the rain softened ground.
I told hubbie tonight that we would get snow within 10 days after all that thunder last night . That is what my dad always said "thunder in winter, snow before 10 days pass" ????
Aaaannnndddd Just like that tonight the 7-day forecast has some wintry mix in it !!!
Thankful that we didn't suffer any more damage than a few ruts in the driveway in all the storming last night and praying for all the folks who were affected.
God Bless and Good Night.

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linda m said...

So happy to hear you are all safe. My son and family survived the terrible storms they had in GA. God is good. Blessings