Friday, January 13, 2017


Up and out on another beautiful unlike January day.  After the chore were done, breakfast ate and devotions read I decided to start my morning walks again. I noticed last week when I went to the bottom pasture that I was getting short of breath again just with that short walk. I walked for 30 minutes this morning and actually worked up a sweat !!!
Inside I started baking , 3 caramel, 2 chocolate, 3 pound, a pan of lemon bars and a pan of brownies.
After lunch I carried empty canning jars downstairs and put them away and also went through all the winter squash and tomatoes down there. I am amazed at all the tomatoes we still have from our garden that are keeping this long and still taste very good. And the chickens were happy to take care of the ones that weren't keeping well !
I finally got time to finish my decade picture search today. January's search always takes a lot of time because I go through all the old scrap books and note everything for the entire year that is in them on a sticky note stuck to the front of each book. It makes the rest of the year easier and quicker to find.
 I planned to get to the December and yearly business figures but ran out of time.
When hubbie came in from work we did chores and then he hit the recliner for the evening as he has a terrible head cold and doesn't feel well at all.
I love the colorful harvest of daily eggs from my flock.

I iced cakes and got things ready for market. It seems so strange to have the doors open tonight . We are almost 20 degrees above our normal temps for this time of year.
And this weather looks like it is going to continue for at least another week.
I am very thankful for the nice warm temps in our area when I look at all the problems the ice storm is causing in other areas just to the north of us.

And the day ends once again with a beautiful sunset.
If you're lucky enough tonight to have clear skies ,which we aren't, so this is a web pic, you can enjoy the first full moon of the year  tonight. This full moon is known as the "wolf moon" and legend goes if this first full moon is clear the year will have abundant moisture and a good harvest but if the moon is red it means a dry year. Since we can't see ours tonight guess we'll just have to wonder what our year will bring. If last night was any indication of tonight the moon was very clear and it looked almost daylight outside.

In the decade search today I ran across this article from one of my aunts old scrap books. It has a copyright  date of 1927 and even though it doesn't say January 1927 I was impressed with the content of the article and thought I would share and I definitely agree !!!  I am one of the ones who opens these old hurtful doors once in a while and I needed this to remind me that the present is what deserves my time and attention, not the past !!!
Remember a day hemmed in prayer is a lot less likely to unravel !
God Bless and Good Night.

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