Saturday, January 7, 2017


Woke to a winter wonderland this morning. It is actually still snowing as we got all layered up and ready to brave the cold 20 degrees and wind as we did chores.
It is beautiful even if it creates many problems for all the animals and us as we try to get food and water to everything .

All the hens would not even think about coming out of their houses so I put water pans inside their small houses along with extra feed. I left the doors open in case some of them decided to brave the snow.
Our total was  8 inches.

I wish it wasn't so cold out here so I could stay out and photograph more but after hubbie had a couple falls while he blew the dry fluffy snow from the walk ways and I slipped and slid a couple times on the ice under the snow  I decided it was time to come inside and look at the beauty through the windows !!!

I refilled all the bird feeders yesterday and wondered how long it would take to get all my feathered friends back to the yard. It didn't take long at all with the snow covering other food sources. There was about 8 Blue Jays around the feeders today . Usually there are only a couple. There was an abundance of all kinds of birds today feasting on my offerings.

Tomtom wanted to know why he couldn't come in the warm house today ???

It seemed funny to not be out sledding but it is so cold and the gusty winds make it look like a blizzard out there.
The road by our house looked really slick all day. Talked to #2 son who is a postman and he said he and Tif went to work this morning but no supervisors made it in to work so no one could out on a mail route so they were on their way home. he said the roads were worse at 10 am than they were at 8am .

Hubbie and I both needed a resting day and this was a good one as we just sat by the wood stoves and watched the flames today.
Annie kept a watchful eye on our wood supply !!!!  ????
This was the high temp for the day, 24 degrees !!!
This evening the sun was shining and the snow looked even more pretty in the lengthy evening shadows.

None of the chickens ventured out today except the Buff orpington rooster and I had to carry him back inside the house as he acted like his feet were frozen. I hope he is okay.
Old Roho the yard bird took over Flash's dog house for the day and I shut him in there tonight so he will be warmer. All the dogs are in the basement in crates. Annie was not a fan of going in there but with her bad hip and I did see her shaking earlier this afternoon hubbie carried her in there. The cat's crate will be brought inside the living room before we go to bed tonight so everything will be warm in the 5 degree plus -20 degree wind chill tonight.
We have had fires in both upstairs as well as downstairs wood stoves this evening and are just praying we keep our electric.
Thankful for the blessings of a beautiful snow covered peaceful world today. There is just something about snow that brings the love of God into clarity for me. God is good !!
God Bless and Good Night.

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