Wednesday, January 4, 2017


Ahhhh !!!  A lazy morning heading into a very busy day !!!  After chores and breakfast I got right to the work of making Christmas 2016 a part of our past.
I loaded up the last of the plastic storage bins and got them stacked in the storage shed for another year.  I listened to Christmas music while I un-decorated and enjoyed the memories each peice of decoration brought as I put them away.
After lunch I decide to take one room at a time and clean and re-decorate. I started with the living room. I got the furniture all moved back to its before the holidays positions and dusted and vacuumed amid a couple phone calls from friends and the need to give Sadie some extra food as she was looking at me with hungry eyes !!!!
She still has some swelling and is very very sore around her head but each day seems to get a little better.
TomTom the cat left me a gift on the door step to let me know he is on the job of  rodent controller !!
As I went out in the upper 30's temperature this evening to get chores done I looked up at the sky and saw the telltale Maretails that signal snow in the coming days .
It is really kind of funny and sad at the same time to look at the variety of weather predictions for the coming days. Seems there is 4 different models and they all say something different right now for our area.

They all do seem to agree that the temps are really going to be cold all weekend not getting above freezing after Friday morning so whatever falls will stick around at least through Monday .
I did weekly paperwork and paid bills tonight feeling strange that I wasn't icing cakes for market.
I have some customers wanting eggs so I may take eggs by market to meet these customers since my bank is right across the street from market but won't be taking any baked goods in or staying.
The wood stove fire downstairs sure feels good tonight as the temp at 10:30 is 34 and the wind is blowing hard outside.
Thankful for the blessings of this day and striving each day to glorify His name.
God Bless and Good Night

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linda m said...

Love the gift TomTom left you. We have a ferrel cat that helps with our rodent population. It is bitter cold here - temps at 3 degrees with wind chills at minus 16. Keep warm and God Bless.