Tuesday, January 31, 2017


Back to the early morning wake-up with the arrival of g-daughter. We went back to bed and surprisingly she went right to sleep and slept until 8:40. D-in-love said she didn't sleep well last night so maybe she was making up for it.
I got her in her high chair with her breakfast and then headed out to do the chores a little late but the animals are pretty forgiving !!
Back inside I had breakfast and then g-daughter and I headed into the living room to play. She played for just a few minutes and then wanted to lay in my lap which is strange when she feels good. Her nose was running and she had a nasty cough going on. She got up and down several times to get things and to hug "Bernie dog" as she calls him.
As she became more and more lethargic I noticed she felt really warm so I put a thermometer under her arm for a few minutes and it read 99.

I called d-in-love to ask where the Tylenol was so I could give her some but d-in-love wanted to come home and retake her temp and then if she had a fever she wanted to call the doctor for the Tamiflu drug since she figured she had what she had last weekend.   Booooo, I hope not because she has been in my face all morning so that means I will get a case of the flu also.
She had a fever of 100 when d-in-love took it so she called the doctor and they headed home to wait for a return call.
I took a walk out in the 64 degree sunshine of this last day of January. My Jonquils are blooming !
I came inside and cleaned house and got out some Valentine decor for February plus changed out all the bed and furniture covers.
I picked up g-son from school today and got reminded of my previous pick up days as I sat in the long car rider line.
I dropped him off at his house to his disappointment as he was looking forward to having an after school snack here like old times but his mom had other ideas.
I came home and continued my cleaning and did a load of laundry.  When hubbie came in from work we watched the first news and then did the evening chores.
As this first month of 2017 ends it has been a strange one with lots of up and down temperatures , some snow and flooding amid mostly sunny days.
This is the highs for the month which turned out to be 5.8 degrees above normal.
And the average low temperature for this month was a whooping 8.6 degrees above normal.
A look back at this month had some winter weather mixed in as after starting the month out on New Years day with our traditional meal for health,wealth and luck we felt like winter as a front moved in bringing 8 inches of powdery snow on the 6th on the month. With cold temps hanging on we had several days of nice sledding fun and ate our share of snow cream !!

Then the warmth returned .
G-son started his recreation league basketball games on Saturdays I was able to go to a couple that were in the afternoon on Saturdays.

BB turned 2 years old in Ohio as his family await the custody trial of his 2 first cousins. Aa stays here and works and travels back up there every 2 or 3 weeks for the weekend.
Our associate pastor of the past 8 years was nominated to fill our senior pastor position and preached his trial sermon on the 29th and we voted right after. The decision is still unknown as the month ends.
Donald Trump was inaugurated as our 45th president on the 20th of this month.
We had a flood on the 23rd after a couple rainy days and an overnight rain that dropped 3 inches of rain in less than 2 hours with thunder and lightening.

We saw our new grand-daughter's ultra sound picture again this month and she looks like a very healthy little girl and daughter has started to feel her movements.
Curb market was okay for the month of January and the Thursday opening has been really up and down for me.

We ended the month with a dusting of snow on the 30th that caused a school delay.

 And also the month ended with d-in-love and g-daughter both fighting cases of the flu.
I am very thankful for my health and happiness throughout this first month of the year and I pray that it be in God's will to walk by my side for many more blessed months .
Good bye January, hello February !!!!
God Bless and Good Night

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linda m said...

Sure hope both d-in-love and g-gaughter get well soon. Just said a prayer for them. Blessings