Sunday, January 1, 2017

WELCOME 2017 !!!!!

Wishing all my friends and family a very Happy New Year !!!!!
My day started out like any other day although it is the first day of a brand new year !!!  After chores and breakfast I let Sadie out of the basement for the first time without a leash on. She is eating her dog food and drinking plenty of water but she still looks pretty shaky. After walking around the yard for a few minutes she went up and went in Flash's lot so I just shut her up in there so she would be out of the misty rain that is falling. When I got back inside I put the big 12 pound ham hock in the oven. I will have to stay home from church today to make sure my oven don't cut off while the ham cooks its 3 hours.
Hubbie got ready and went on to church with #1 son's family.
I cleaned the kitchen and got the black-eyed peas, collard greens, mashed potatoes and corn cooked and ready when everyone came in from church. The last of the holiday placemats !!!

Hubbie went by Ingles on the way home and picked up some corn bread muffins since we were out of corn meal and we didn't want to wait to make cornbread. #1 son came in and carved the ham.

It was a delicious traditional New Years day lunch !!!!
Only #1 son's family ate an earlier lunch with us.  #2 son and Tif came by around 3:00 to have a late lunch and daughter came by at 5:00 to help with chores and had supper with us. Josh is dealing with another kidney stone today bless his heart.
After daughter left hubbie and I relaxed for the evening and rested from the busy week we have had.
Long with the a new year this day welcomed the "G" winter storm into the western states. Gregory is going to drop a lot of snow as it crosses the country and maybe we will get our first snow from him this week end.

I am looking forward to the new year with an eager heart to see what God has in store for the family as we strive to glorify His name in all that we do. My pledge for the new year  is to start taking better care of myself as I am just now finally feeling better from the 2 month long bought with a cold and cough. I feel like I am so run down from the busy last few months that my immune system has really taken a hit so I intend to make some changes in my schedule to make things easier for me in the coming weeks. Hah, wish me luck !!!
God Bless , Good Night and Happy New Year.

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linda m said...

Happy New Year to you and your Family!! May God continue to Bless y'all in 2017