Wednesday, January 25, 2017


Feeling very thankful this morning for our unseasonably warm weather. When I got up today I started on my regular routine of letting the dogs all out. I didn't realize anything was wrong until I went into the sunroom to open the back door and noticed the Edenpure heater in there was off. I immediately sighed because I figured the heater had blown another $100 fuse !!
But as I went back into the kitchen I discovered I had no power.
I continued with chores thinking the power company might still be switching some things around from the massive outage of yesterday.
It wasn't until I started into the silkie lot that I saw the fried squirrel caught in the netting that covers the lot.
I came back inside and called in the outage to Duke Energy. I always talk to someone so I can let them know it is an easy fix with only a fuse to replace and they usually come pretty quickly to fix it.I  got a message that it would be fixed by 1:30 today but figured they would be earlier.
I went down to #1 son's house where d-in-love's mom was baby sitting g-daughter today and fixed me a cup of coffee and had a protein bar for breakfast while visiting with Deb.
We talked and lost track of time and by the time I headed back home it was almost noon.
I had a cold sandwich and water for lunch and then went outside to work in the 71 degree sunny afternoon. All the driveway ditches filled up with leaves and gravel in the hard rains earlier this week so I shoveled ditches all afternoon.
Finally at 1:30 I got another message that the power would be fixed by 2:30, uhhhhh !!!
Almost at the same time as this message came through I heard the big truck turn into the driveway.
They had the fuse replaced in no time and one of the workers was a good friend so we visited for a few minutes before they were on their way.
After checking everything in the frig and freezer and making sure things were back working I took a break on the porch.
This is the last day of this warm weather for a while so all the animals were spending it soaking in all the sunshine they could !!

I reluctantly gave up my outside rest time and did some housework . I had all these plans for things I wanted to get done today in the house and now I am behind but oh well things will get done !!
After chores I took a much needed break on the heating pad for an aching back from all my ditch clearing I'm sure.
Looks like more snow in January 2007 and also more fun with a 3 month old g-son !!

I did weekly paperwork tonight and paid bills then headed to an early bedtime.
Thankful for the love of God tonight and all the blessings of this day.
God Bless and Good Night

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linda m said...

You would think that after all your phone calls and their numerous trips out to you house for repairs that Duke energy would come with a solution to the "fried squirrel" problem. That is such a nuisance. Love the pictures of g-son when he was a baby. Blessings