Monday, January 9, 2017


G-son slept well after he talked a mile a minute for awhile last night until he just all of a sudden almost in mid sentence was snoring !!
He and pawpaw were already up this morning when my 8:00 alarm sounded. I got up and got another cold day started. It is 9 degrees this morning and more solidly frozen water pans !!
After breakfast hubbie and g-son were watching TV so I got weekly laundry started. It took me longer than usual to put last weeks laundry away because I stopped to talk on the phone to a couple friends but I got it done before daughter came over to spend the day.
G-son was very glad to see her. After we ate lunch they headed outside for some snow play !!!
Almost 4 months pregnant daughter couldn't ride the sled but they built forts and had snowball fights.

This boy loves snow !!!

His snow Angel !
He sledded for over an hour with the biggest smile on his face !!

Pawpaw helped make a ramp and he loved going air borne .
This was a beautiful afternoon but still very cold with the high only getting to 31 degrees this afternoon leaving most of the frozen snow on the ground.

I found some other nice photo subjects while I was outside .

Finally we all came inside and made some more snow cream.
We rested awhile and then daughter headed home before the roads re-froze.
Hubbie and I did chores and then #1 son's family came up for supper of left over soup.
I almost missed this gorgeous sunset tonight.
G-daughter thought it was really funny to have her pawpaw down on her level !!
Schools are closed again tomorrow with an optional workday. G-son wanted to stay here again tonight so he and pawpaw are playing games again. He thinks pawpaw is getting the hang of the games !!!
These cold snowy days have been really fun but each time I have to lug a bucket full of water up the hill to the chickens so they can get a drink of unfrozen water I long for those nice southern breezes !
This map of the next storm system that is moving across the country also makes me appreciate those nice southern breezes that are keeping that ice storm north of us !!
And sadly all the snow fun will come to an end very soon with these spring time temps but gladly I won't be carrying water buckets up the hill several times a day.
Thanking God for a wonderful blessing filled day and humbly grateful for the health he blesses me with each day.
God Bless and Good Night

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linda m said...

Just be careful carrying those frozen buckets. Glad g-son is enjoying the snow. Oh to be young again. Blessings