Monday, January 2, 2017


Up and out to do the chores and have breakfast. G-daughter arrived at 7am to get things back on a regular schedule.
I got Sadie out of her crate and turned her loose in the yard as she is eating very good but still acts dazed and moves pretty slowly.
Hubbie, g-daughter and I made a trip to Sam's Club to see all the after Christmas deals . All we bought was some fruit and nuts. G-daughter loved the strawberries we found !!
We came home and had lunch of yesterday's left overs. Maybe we get a double dose of wealth,  health and luck !!!
G-daughter loves Bernie and I always wish he was still the young, healthy dog that used to play with g-son when he was her age.
Before hubbie and I were finished eating our lunch this is what g-daughter did !!
Her early morning for the first time in a couple weeks caught up with her !!!
I gathered the weekly laundry and started working on that while hubbie took the truck and went down to pick up Sadie who had wondered all the way down there. He said she was on her way back up the drive when he got there but was very weak from the long walk.
G-daughter only slept about 30 minutes and then she was back to playing with her Christmas car.

She is loving just sitting in it and watching TV and turning the steering wheel.
Some days her little personality really shines through !!!!

Because I had the flash on !!!!!!!!!!

I did laundry and then after hubbie and daughter went down for an afternoon nap it was my turn to go into the bottom pastures and retrieve Sadie. I have no idea why she is wandering so far from the house. I made her walk all the way back to the house then put her in a lot and gave her more food to help replenish her strength.
She hasn't layed down all day today for some reason but when we put her in her crate in the warm basement she sure layed down and went sound to sleep after eating another entire can of dog food and several hot dog pieces with pain pill hidden in them.
Today has been a nasty dreary day with only a light mist of rain. I emptied 6/10ths inch from the gauge this morning from last night's rainfall and we are expecting about that much more tonight.
The first winter weather is predicted for this weekend. We are still several days away so who knows what will happen but it certainly will be cold enough for snow.

After d-in-love picked up g-daughter hubbie and I did chores . D-in-love had a wedding music practice tonight and #1 son had to take g-son to cub scouts so g-daughter came back to stay with us for the evening. Aa who came in late last night came and had supper of our leftovers and we had a nice visit with him until #1 son picked up -daughter and they all left.
It is 50 degrees tonight at 10:30 which is more than 20 degrees above the norm for this time of year but we are going to be wishing for these temps at the end of the week.
Thankful for the wonderful blessings of this day and praying for all the family tonight in all their endeavers for the coming year.
God Bless and Good Night

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linda m said...

Love those pictures of g-daughter. She is just so cute. Blessings