Saturday, January 21, 2017


A really yucky day to start out this Saturday. It isn't raining yet but feels and looks as if it could start any minute.
We got to market a few minutes early and daughter came in with her baked goods shortly after.
#1 son and g-son came by to kill some time between basketball picture time and their noon ballgame time.
Daughter took him and hubbie to go look at a chest of drawers she wanted to buy just down the street from market.
When they saw the chest of drawers it wasn't what she wanted so they came back to market.
I had a decent sales day today and I am very glad I made the extra 3 caramel cakes last night. I have sold $126 in baked goods for me, $18 for daughter and $11 in eggs which is a very good January sales total !!
Daughter and hubbie both left to go to g-son's basketball game at noon. His team lost again 15-9 but daughter said they played better this week than last .

 Daughter sent me this pic of g-son as he swipes the ball from an opposing player.

The rain began pouring down about 1:00 and the customers cleared out so I packed up and headed home on the rain filled roads. It was raining too hard for all of it to drain off leaving huge puddles in the roads to maneuver around or splash through.
I got home before hubbie and got unloaded . I was afraid Sadie would be out in the cold rain but she was laying tight against the house on the door step.
Hubbie who went to Walmart and Sam's with daughter got home about 3:30.  We took a break until this wave of rain passed through out area. Thankfully we got to do chores without rain gear. There was almost another 1/2 inch of rain in the gauge this evening.
The heavier rains are moving in early in the morning and then the last wave tomorrow night will leave us now with 4 inches of predicted rainfall.
We spent a nice relaxing Saturday night .
More basketball today as Josh took some members of the Boys and Girls Club to Charlotte to a Hornet's game tonight. They arrived early to an almost empty stadium.

A good time to continue with the decade series for January 1997. We endured a massive ice storm and a pretty good snow storm that month. We had a lot of cattle back then to feed and care for during these winter events and it kept us all very busy.

Hank and Sugar were our farm dogs at that time.
This snow was very pretty and clung to everything.

I always love when the blue skies come back with snow on the ground !!

Maybe the kids were older and didn't sled or maybe we were all just too busy for snow fun back then!
I love to look at these old pictures around the farm and note all the differences from then until now.
Thankful for the blessings of this day and praying for safe travel for Josh tonight with the kids on their way home from Charlotte in the rain.
God Bless and Good Night.

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