Monday, April 2, 2018


It felt good but really strange to get to sleep in a little on this Monday morning. We don't want to get too far off schedule so it won't hurt so bad to get back on the early wake up next week but we do want to take advantage of getting some extra rest this week.
I did chores then had breakfast before we headed out into the beautiful warm morning sun to get some equipment moved around so we could get the garden worked. Daughter and IR came by to help.
IR and Rocky made quick friends.

While we worked IR supervised from her spot in the shade !!!!

We planted potatoes, lettuce, greens, radishes, kohlrabi, arugula and spinach and hope that the weather will finally get spring like .
I went inside periodically to get the three loads of weekly laundry done also.
IR got her turn on the big green tractor with Pawpaw  just like all the other kids around here so far.

As I walked around the yard today the signs of spring are coming along nicely as the first Azalea is starting to bloom.
The Redbud trees are getting close to full bloom.
All the Hosta and Lillies are really growing.
And this little ground cover has blooms this year that surprised me as I didn't know it bloomed.
All this beauty just in time for the next named winter storm. Wilbur is covering the mid and northeast with snow and is bringing rain to our area along with wind and maybe even snow for the weekend !!

At chore time I snapped this pic of the chicks that I have so far and they are growing nicely as this mama takes very good care of them.
These two went to the Greenville zoo today and had a fun day to began their spring break week.
This little one came back this evening to stay while her mama and #1 son measured and got papers ready for the permit process on the land she is buying.
Thankful for another wonderfully blessed day and for the continuing love of Jesus Christ.
God Bless and Good Night

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linda m said...

You are so fortunate with being able to start planting and everything starting to bloom. No such luck here in WI yet. We are getting snow today. Hope the streets aren't slippery as i head out to Bible Study this morning. Blessings