Wednesday, June 29, 2011


Early start this morning, got a new clock now and all is back on schedule !
Daughter is getting slowly back to normal today and has errands to run and papers to sign.
After morning chores I gleaned over the garden for fresh squash and cucumbers.
I will pick a mess of green beans later to cook for an early supper tonight.
I came in and ate my bowl of cereal breakfast while watching a hungry daughter fix scrambled eggs and sausage with toast for herself before she headed out.
I cleaned all the floors ,porches and patio as well as put several things away that I had sat down waiting a time to get them where they were supposed to be.
My early start payed off as I'm done with all the housework at 1:00.
It's 85 degrees with plenty of sunshine outside today so I think I will soak up some of it for a while this afternoon.
Whew !!! it is hot outside,it didn't take me long to get a red face while picking beans.
When Hubbie came in from work we had an all fresh from the garden veggie supper.
Daughter got her baking done this evening and I iced caramel and chocolate cakes.
We have quite a few orders for the holiday weekend already.

As I looked through old photos of 2001 I realized this was one of the times when I took very few pictures. It's funny how when your kids grow up you take less photos.
The only thing I could find was pics of a trip to Dollywood in June of 2001.
Here is daughter in the back and one of her friends riding the bumper cars.

From left to right, #2 son,#1 son, friend , daughter getting ready to swing fast and high.
I don't know when our annual trips to Dollywood stopped but every time I see pictures of them I want to go again.
Wow, I can't believe tomorrow is the last day of June,this year is officially 1/2 over.
Thanking God for all His blessings today.
Good Night and God Bless.

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