Saturday, June 4, 2011


About 4 am I gave up getting any sleep beside the 2 chainsaws I was sleeping with. Both Hubbie and G-son are loud snorers,and they were rattling the rafters last night.
I dozed off several times only to be re-awakened by a loud snort coming from one or the other of them. At 4 I took my pillow and retreated to g-son's bedroom in his single bed and that's where I'll sleep tonight as I had no trouble getting to and staying asleep in there.
Spring Old Timey Day at the Curb Market today was a hot one for sure. It was 93 on the thermometer but out on the pavement especially around the old wood stoves I'm sure the temps were well above the century mark.
That's Hubbie on the far right in the dark t-shirt with the red bandana manning his pan of ham for the old timey cooked biscuits.
When he came inside the market his hat and shirt were soaking wet with sweat.
G-son was out on the street early enjoying the music and festivities.

These guys were troupers even in the oppressing heat,they played on and on.

All the antique owners provided their own shade. There weren't near as many as usual but I can understand why.

Many people braved the heat to come out and enjoy the day,there was a nice crowd outside and inside all day long.
To keep g-son inside some of the time and out of the heat I had cartoons running on the laptop. Ain't technology grand !!!!!
There was a display of Curb Market history and items from several vendors that have passed away.
Among these items was a pyrography drawing that was done by a younger man who died suddenly with a heart attack. He was a very talented artist. Pyrography means drawing with fire. He would draw the images on a piece of wood and then burn them into it. His paintings sold for $100's of dollars.
This is one of his drawings,purchased and kept in his memory. It is a drawing of the house he and his elderly mother lived in. He had been a missionary overseas ,after his father passed away he returned home to take care of his mother and he managed the Curb market for several years before his untimely death.

After I showed g-son this drawing he wanted to show me what he could draw.
He drew "a girl standing on Mars", love the imagination !!!

G-son and his aunt T took a ride on the horse and buggy around town and then walked the streets uptown.
He loves his aunt T !Back home on this hot day there was nothing else to do but find some cool water somewhere.Guess where we're headed ????
Armed with water weaponry!!!Boy , dog and cool water to run and play in !!Riding the current down !!!Splashing through the cool water in the 93 degree sunny weather.
Going on an adventure to find a "beaver house" with Pawpaw.
Or just a cool place to relax and let the world pass by with the water's current.

If you guessed we went to the creek that runs through our pastures you would be right.A beautiful,cooling,relaxing place to spend a hot afternoon and the best part it didn't cost a penny,not even any gas to get there.
What a wonderful life this country life is !!!

Market was pretty good today considering the heat factor.
We grilled brats tonight and #2 son came up to see g-son and ate with us. He was tired after a long day delivering mail uptown on the hot streets.
G-son,Pawpaw and Nena are all tired tonight and looking forward to an early bedtime.
Have talked to son and d-in-love several times today and they are having a good time at the marriage retreat in Tenn. They will be home tomorrow afternoon.

Very thankful tonight that God put me in this place with this family.
Good Night and God Bless.


Julie Harward said...

I love that quote about ..let me live in the house..I have it on my sidebar too. (I want you to know that, we really are sisters, daughters of our Heavenly Father, children of God.We were sisters there and we are here too.) I love that you go to the creek, that is just how I grew up...I hope there are some frogs to catch there too! Well, today was really our first day of Spring, it was in the 70's and so nice. I am getting in the mood to start the grilling season! :D

Gail said...

Sounds like an event I would love...minus the heat.

Our creek was also used this hot weekend. Sure is handy having one close.

Peggy said...

Now that is as close to a perfect day as you can get! If I only had a creek I know where the goats and I would be. LOL