Sunday, June 12, 2011


Woke this morning with a foot in my face,g-son was upside down in the bed. Oh well at least he didn't kick me in the nose.
Had a lovely service at church today,daughter took d-in-love's place teaching the mission friends class that g-son is in.
We came home and daughter,g-son and me headed on over to the hospital to spend time with son. Hubbie stayed home to meet a man about a piece of equipment.
When we got to the hospital we stopped in the cafeteria to get lunch. They had some yummy looking food and had pizza that was to g-son's liking.
We ate in son's room with him.
He had the x-rays of his new bionic leg.Upper plate is new job, lower plate is old job, my what a difference !!!!

We are just praying this does the job it is suppose to. At least his leg is straight now.
He is having some blood problems today. His hemoglobin is still going down, 10 when he came in to the hospital,9 yesterday, 8 today and also the blood is not clotting properly in the surgery incision so they took him off blood thinners this morning to see if that would straighten things out a bit.
The incision in his hip is healing nicely as they took the bandages off it this morning to let air get to it.
The prospects of coming home tomorrow I think went out the window today with these blood problems. He may still have to have a blood transfusion.
Although the nurse said this afternoon when she came in and took his blood pressure that it has steadily came up all day.
Hubbie came up about 4 and daughter and I left, leaving g-son there so his mom and other g-ma could pick him up when she got off work.
Daughter and I came home and rested while the storms passed through again dropping nothing but a brief shower on us.

Thanking God tonight for His blessings on son and praying for things to work out so he can get home and began the road to recovery.
Good Night and God Bless.

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