Tuesday, June 21, 2011


The last thing I did last night was post an add on craigslist for some Silkie chicks for sale and the first thing I heard this morning was the ringing telephone and a man on his way to get all of them.
I finished chores and ate breakfast before he got here, he said he got caught in some heavy traffic on the interstate.
After we crated up the chicks he saw our garden and we talked about gardening and he said he raised pigeons to show at the fair as well as dahlias. As we talked the temperature seemed to climb quickly as he and I both were dripping sweat. At least he put the chicks in his air conditioned SUV for the long trip home.
With this kind of humidity it is bound to storm this afternoon and clouds have already started to build.
Had another call on the Silkies and I decided to sell more of the chicks.
When all was said and done I sold 11 chicks today ,leaving me only 6 out of May's hatch.

I spent the morning doing laundry and housework, I hung towels out early in hopes they would dry before the storms and they did.
After lunch I went up and moved some chicks around so I would have them all together. I cleaned out one house completely to wait for the white Silkie with the 3 babies when they get a little bigger.
I moved the other sitting white Silkie into a brooder box so she can be alone to sit on her eggs.
The chickens were all suffering in the 90+ heat today with their little beaks open.
Before long the thunder could be heard and the skies darkened.
I came inside and prayed that we didn't get hail or lightening too close.
I heard the ping ping of hail hitting the metal covering on the dog lot and saw marble size hail balls bouncing everywhere.
Thankfully it was a short hail storm overcome with pouring rain.
The thunder and lightening got very close and I heard fire trucks going out the road just across from us to a house that had gotten struck.
Usually you can see #2 son's roof and the road from here but not this afternoon !!!
Thankfully all we got was a lot of rain.
The storms passed about the time Hubbie got in from work so he went to work fixing the tractor manifold.
Daughter came in and did some baking for an order and sat us up a face book page for our baking business. The Curb Market now has a face book page and this is the photo they took of daughter and I for the page so we used it on our page. I will link to it as soon as we get it all figured out. We called our business M and T BAKED GOODS.

I got started baking about 9:30 and just put my last cakes the oven at 11:45. I have several orders already this week.

Well this is the first day of summer and it sure felt like the summer today,hot and humid. Just had a thought, since most of our spring was more like summer, ya think that at least some of our summer could be more like spring ?????

So thankful to God tonight for His protective hand during the storms and for the blessings of the day.
Also praying for a good report for #1 son tomorrow as he goes back to his doctor for the first time since surgery.

Good Night and God Bless.


Rita said...

How I enjoy your posts and ideas that keep us all interested in what we can do next to make life work for us. I can't work outside the home anymore with the rigorous expectations that are constant and never give a break or appreciation. So I come up with different ideas to make extra $. You sure have some good ones. Love reading your blog.

BlueRidge Boomer said...

We had the rains..but...no hail..!!
You've inspired me to start going to our local Farmers Market on weekends.....Thanks ;)


Julie Harward said...

I would love to have some of those chicks, they are so cute. We are having nice days too now, first time in 9 months! ;D

Jean said...

It has been very humid and hot here in NW Georgia. We are to have a little cool down the rest of the week. Hope it happens.
Love those chicks! Post your Facebook page link so I can "Like" it!

NCmountainwoman said...

Looks like your chicken business is really taking off! I continue to have your son in mind and to hope his recovery continues on its good path.

Gail said...

What a great photo! I like that idea. When we get our shop open, a website would be perfect!!!