Monday, June 6, 2011


Woke to a surprisingly cloudy sky this morning. The heat is still here but at least the clouds are keeping the sun from baking things as usual.
After chores and breakfast , Hubbie went down in the pasture to bush hog around the outside so I can walk easier and keep an eye on the fences. I spent the morning inside catching up on end of the month paperwork. May is officially in the books now and was another slow month,but I'm thankful for what I did make. This May's totals were about $1000 down from last year.
After lunch I potted a new Coleus I got at market Saturday and refilled all the bird feeders.
I caught this Brown Thrasher feeding suet cake to his youngster through the window screen.
Before I could get to place with no screen to make better pictures they flew away.

#1 son and g-son came for a visit this afternoon. He is making plans for his surgery Thursday.
D-in-love came by after she got off work and then they all left and Hubbie and I relaxed in our outside patio as the rain tried to come but only sprinkled a couple times,not even enough to wet the grass.By the sound of the distant thunder someone got some rain.

We ate left overs for supper with a pot of fresh Kale greens from the garden. I am still getting lettuce and kohlrabi but the chickens are getting the blooming radishes now.
Tomorrow they will have Arugula for their green snack as it has bolted into bloom also.

The Magnolia tree in the back yard has started to bloom it's majestic blossoms.These are so pretty and really show off each year, I hope we get some rain so they can continue their show for a while.
As I took my walk this evening and noticed these grain grass heads I got the line of America The Beautiful in my head.For Amber waves of Grain !!!
As I walked I thanked God for the beautiful world He created for us and asked forgiveness for the destruction that man brings upon His beautiful handiwork.

When I got back from my walk daughter was gathering basil to make pesto tonight.
She uses ice cube trays to freeze it in so we can choose just the right amount.
She is still back and forth with the realtor and the banks about making an offer on the condo we looked at yesterday. She said if this one doesn't work out she is going to take a house hunting break for the summer.
The realtor told her the bank had said they had 2 offers already and had turned both of them down. There is to much work to be done in that unit to pay their asking price. I'm sure they have not looked inside the condo. We'll see, she is still reserved to the fact that if it is meant to happen it will and if not that's okay .

The temperature reached 86 degrees today even with the mostly cloudy skies. Hubbie emptied one of our water catching tanks watering the garden hoping to stretch it's life until we get a rain shower.
When I was shutting up the chickens tonight I got a surprise. I have been letting the white Silkie stay sitting on several eggs she has continued to keep raked under her even though her 21 days were up last Wednesday hoping she'd stay sitting until the last of the kindergarten class's eggs hatch this week so I could just slip those chicks under her. But tonight as I walked by her box I heard a faint peep and as I lifted her wing she has 1 little chick. Almost a week late she has got me to wondering if I marked the wrong date when she started sitting.
Thankful tonight for my blessings and praying for #1 son and his up coming surgery.
Good Night and God Bless


Gail said...

We are needing rain badly, too. The heat has exploded here.

Joan Ranquet said...

I'm so excited to be teaching Animal Communication in beautiful North Carolina in August! It's one of the five states I've never been to!