Thursday, June 23, 2011


Rainy morning to start the day made for a hurried getting ready for market time.
Glad daughter was here to help and after we got there and got set up we had a great sales day.
Here we are ready for customers.

This is the 10 cake order waiting for the camp to pick it up. It just shows how human nature is as these cakes sitting in boxes on the back of a neighbor who wasn't there's table got more attention than the ones I had out front and labeled on my table. I even had one lady ask specifically for one of those cakes in the boxes ??????

Daughter left at noon to go help run the b-ball camp and I stayed steadily busy all afternoon.
I sold 21 caramel cakes today plus everything else ,thank you Lord. I sold some bonnets and had a couple people ask for aprons, I am going to have to find some time to do some sewing in the near future.
After market I ran my weekly errands and went by the vet's office to pick up a refill on Dolly's eye drops. Hubbie was here to help me unload by the time I arrived.
Daughter came home and we grabbed a quick supper and headed over to her (maybe) house to meet with an electrician friend of hers to check out some naked wires in the carport that might trip up the appraiser.
He thought everything was fine and thought she was getting a heck of a deal.
We came back home and I got a few minutes to rest before chore time began.
After a rainy start the day has stayed mostly cloudy and cool and it feels pretty muggy out there tonight.
I baked more cake layers tonight, somehow I got my count off so I have more cakes than I intended but that's okay.
That's what tiredness will do for you !!!
It is almost 12:30 am and I'm taking the last cakes out of the ovens,whew !!!!

Thankful to God for all His blessing today.
Good Night and God Bless.


Rita said...

Those cakes look absolutely delicious. I wish I lived close so I could stop to buy one. Is the cake itself white or chocolate? That caramel icing makes one drool. :) What a wonderful sale day for you.

Gail said...

That is so wonderful. Glad market is going good. It is strange how people are drawn to what they can't have.

Here wishing you many successful market days.

Looking forward to seeing Daughter's house.

Beverly said...

I LOVE caramel cakes...wish I would(could) make them....