Saturday, June 11, 2011


Up early after a toss and turn night. It wasn't g-son's or Hubbie's snoring that kept me awake ,but I think I was too exhausted to sleep good.
The 3 of us got set up at market and g-son watched some cartoons on my laptop while things got settled down then he and Hubbie left.
They went to #1 son's house to get his old leg brace and phone to take to the hospital.
Daughter called saying things were going very well this morning. Son had already been up and walked down the hall and back on a walker so they pretty much said he could go anywhere he pleased as long as he put no weight on his leg. He had eaten breakfast that a neighbor and fellow church member took to him and daughter and things seemed to be fine.
I pray this continues, as I read back on last years blog on this day last year we also thought things were going well. I'm just praying this year with a different doctor and different hospital things will actually be fine.
Market was very slow today, I sold more Thursday than today. It is very hot again today,90 degrees and the recent storms have upped the humidity levels which makes it feel even worse.
After market I came home alone and unloaded and put things away. The skies were darkening and I could hear thunder in the distance.
I called Hubbie at he hospital and #2 son and daughter was there with him and g-son.
I told him I was going to wait out the storm because I hate driving in pouring rain.
As I watched and listened to the storm move by us with only a sprinkle of rain our power went off. Since the storm passed I wasn't sure what happened so I called to report it and she had no idea either but I was the second caller from the area where I live.

As the blue skies appeared again I headed on over to the hospital. Son is so much better today .His color is back and it is definitely an improvement from last night.
He is getting in and out of bed at will and is in good spirits. I ran into our neighbor's son who was there staying with his dad who had surgery before son did and he came up and visited for a little while with son. His mom later came up for a visit. I am praying for her husband as well as my son. I went to high school with her husband who was recently diagnosed with lung cancer that had spread to his brain. He is taking chemo treatments that seem to be working on stopping the rapid growth of the cancer. But this shoulder surgery could set him back on the chemo and give the cancer the upper hand again. He had complications from the surgery and got a blood clot in his lung and in his arm. They can't give him the clot buster drugs because of the cancer so they are hoping the clot goes away with blood thinner. He has less than 2 weeks until his next chemo.

I left the hospital a little after 8 pm so I would have time to get home before dark and do the evening chores.
As I walked to my van the sunset caught my eye .
This cloud looks like a big bear sitting on the sun surrounded by this glorious red sky.

This is looking over the Mission Hospital in the other direction as these clouds were picking up the reflection of the setting sun.

Thank you Lord for another blessing filled day and so so grateful for Your grace in son's life.
Good Night and God Bless.


NCmountainwoman said...

So wonderful that things are going so well. Thoughts are still with all of you.

Jean said...

I'm glad that all is well...but this had to be very stressful. Hope you can detox and relax...soon.