Friday, June 10, 2011


Woke up this morning with a nagging headache , sometimes I've noticed when the weather changes I get these . They are not show stoppers,just naggers and they soon go away without any meds. I did chores and ate cereal with fresh blueberries for breakfast.

Son and d-in-love brought g-son by a little after 10:00 this morning on their way to the hospital. Son didn't seem to uptight,just said he was hungry.
Hubbie took the day off today to help wherever he was needed so he watched g-son while I baked my cake layers and wine cakes.
We ate lunch then decided to go "treasure hunting", that's what I told g-son as we headed out to a couple sales.
We stopped by bro-in-laws house to pick up the old house rent money and sis-in-law told us that her sis-in-law who is a nurse at Mission Hospital worked with son's doctor last night as he operated on a neighbor of ours broken shoulder.
She said the surgery was in the wee hours of this morning,hopefully the doctor got some sleep !!
We continued on to an estate sale where I found a number of items I couldn't live without. Let's face it I've been good for a long time and haven't bought any more "stuff" so I treated myself today !
I have been looking for one of these since I saw one in an antique shop a couple years ago.

And this horse collar mirror was much nicer and cheaper than the one I saw before.

Maybe I have an addiction to lamps.
This one kept calling my name and when she said I could have it for half price,well you know I can't pass up a deal like that,$12.50 !!!!

And g-son, who had already found a couple treasure's at the first sale we went to fell in love with this.
For $5 he has a spiderman lamp !
Another item that called my name and I don't no why was this old trunk.
It is big enough to house my Eden Pure heater and a bunch of afghans out in the sunroom.
This was a good way to occupy ourselves this afternoon as son's surgery did not start until 5:00.
We stopped by Sam's and came home to wait out the storm. It passed us by today with only a shower of rain and some thunder and lightening for about an hour.

Got my first Blog Book today and am very happy with it.
I began my blog on July 12,2009 so this book contains all of 2009.
The pictures are wonderfully clear and I've looked through it and can't find any thing they did wrong. I am very satisfied and with a $65 price tag I think this is a bargain. Also an added bonus all the kids if they choose can order copies now as it is saved on the Blurb website.
After the storm passed this evening I iced caramel cakes and wrapped and labeled everything except 3 coconut cakes.
It is 8 pm, son is still in surgery, which was predicted to last 4 hours, we are waiting for the next update and then we will probably head on over to the hospital to be there when he comes out.

The surgery lasted the full 4 hours and he lost a lot of blood due to them not being able to put a tournaquet on the leg because of the artery replacement. He spent extra time in recovery having test to see if he needed a blood transfusion, although he was white as snow when they brought him up he didn't need the transfusion. It was almost midnight when Hubbie,d-in-love,g-son and I left.Daughter was there and was going to spend the night with him.

We got home after midnight,g-son was fast asleep and he and Hubbie went on to bed while I iced coconut cakes and then got into bed.

Thankfull to the Lord for watching over son today and guiding this doctor's hands in His glory. Please continue to pray with me for a quick recovery.

Good Night and God Bless.

Friday June 10, 2011


Julie Harward said...

Hi there, I love your blog book, they are so nice aren't they, love mine too. I hope all will be well with your son, that doesn't sound fun at all. Love the horse collar mirror, trunk and the lamp. My little grandson would have picked that lamp too.:D

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hi Marilyn, We are on the road in Oklahoma now.... I am reading a few blogs. Just wanted you to know that we did say (and will say) a prayer for your son. I hope this surgery will fix him --once and for all... God Bless Him and the family.

NCmountainwoman said...

Glad to hear the surgery is over. I will continue to remember all of you and hope the healing is quick.