Saturday, June 18, 2011


Busy market day today,daughter and I waited on customers steadily all morning.
The sun heated up the downtown streets pretty fast running the customers at the antique fair on main street indoors to cool down and many of them came into the market.
I got my second volume of my blog book started on my laptop today. It will cover the first 6 months of 2010.
Daughter took my list and went shopping after market as I got a huge 10 caramel cake order from one of the local camps for next Thursday so I needed more supplies.
As I sat at a red light in town on my way home I watched this little blackbird taking a bath in a puddle.I could imagine mama bird supervising this bath.......
Make sure you get under your wings and under your chin.....
Hey don't sling all the water out of the tub......

That's it get all the way under !!!!!!

Just got home and unloaded before the storm hit our area. We had very high winds,I felt sorry for the chickens as they were blown around while trying to get in their house.
We only got a 1/4 inch of rain and had no wind damage here on the farm,even the chickens are all alright. However some of our neighbors weren't so lucky as trees were down all around the area and power was off for a lot of folks again. Duke Power hasn't gotten all the power back on yet from the last storm and now they have more.
The temperature dropped from 87 degrees to 67 in about 30 minutes, it was actually to chilly to sit out in the sunroom with short sleeves.
Daughter waited out the storm in Walmart before heading home.
After we got her unloaded we fried some fresh okra and had an early supper before she left to dog sit.
Hubbie and I vegged out for a little while ,then watched the news.
Hubbie took advantage of the damp garden soil and planted some late bush beans this evening.
I continue to try to find a replacement manifold for the one he tore up yesterday on the tractor but so far no luck.

Tonight is doggy grooming night and Bernie and Dolly are headed for haircuts and baths.
After the dog grooming chores I watched the late news and then called it a day.
Thanking God for a day full of blessings and gratefulness to Him.
Good Night and God Bless.


Gail said...

Glad market was busy. Not glad you had another storm. Glad you are safe.

Jean said...

We got some much needed rain from this storm.
I also am happy that y'all didn't suffer any damage.
Like the bathing bird in the puddle pics.:)