Friday, June 3, 2011


AHHHH!!!!! At least it's a little cooler this morning to start the day. I did morning chores and refilled all the bird feeders before breakfast.
As I had my usual cereal and hot tea I sat out in the sun room and enjoyed watching the birds flock to the newly refilled feeders. It's funny how they know when there is a fresh refill in them.
I baked more caramel,chocolate and coconut layers as well as another pound and wine cake.
After lunch I headed to work at church. Met an interesting man that was there working on the air conditioner, he was definitely a talker.
I got finished there and got home shortly before Hubbie got here from work. It is nice outside today ,only 86 degrees.
I walked around outside and took these pics of what's blooming in my yard now.Oak Leaf Hydrangea loves to show off.

Yellow Asiatic Lilly just stating to open it's large blooms.

Shade loving Impatients

Brave little Pansy bunch still hanging around through this heat.

Stella Dora Day Lillies are full of blooms.

Less than a month ago this Feverfew was only a small seedling.

My Geraniums that I kept inside root bare all winter are stating to bloom.

I've never had a pot of trailing Petunias do as well as this one.

Although this has no blooms,this is a favorite of mine,I bought this at the Garden Jubilee last week. It is a I think a Caldium.This is our garden right now, it is kind of at a stand still with all the hot,dry weather we've had but we are still eating lettuce,radishes, kolrabi, and have even got a couple squash along with the Kale greens and onions.

This next picture is the beginning of another project that I'm going to try to keep up with. I love sitting out in our new outdoor covered patio and watching traffic go by on the road below as well as the cattle in the pastures and the birds,squirrels and other forest creatures that occupy the hill between #2 son's house and ours.
So at the first of each month I am going to make a picture of the view I have from here,and note the changes .
Here is the first of hopefully many nice relaxing evening views .
G-son came late this afternoon to spend the entire weekend with us as his mom and dad attend a marriage retreat along with several other younger couples from our church. It is in Pigeon Forge,Tenn.
He came in with his suitcase so proud of it and acting all grown up.
Just as they left daughter brought our supper home with some gift cards she had from Outback steakhouse. She brought g-son a grilled cheese which he promptly inhaled.
Hubbie and I went to finish work at church while they stayed and made cookies. That's what aunts are for you know !!
He had fun in the bath tub with some roll on colored bath soap from Avon.

Shortly after bath time he and Paw paw were sawing logs together in our big king size bed.
I iced my cakes and wrote this extra long blog post.
I asked for prayers tonight that God would comfort #1 son and have him enjoy this week end as he got a call from his doctor today and his surgery to redo his broken leg is set for next Thursday the 9th of June. Coincidentally that is within 1 day of his accident last year. I know this will be on his mind as he tries to enjoy this weekends activities.
I pray that this new doctor has the knowledge to fix the leg and get him quickly on the road to a final recovery this time.
Good Night and God Bless.


Gail said...

What a wonderful weekend you have ahead of you!

NCmountainwoman said...

I will be thinking of you and the family as surgery date approaches. I hope all goes well with a good outcome.

Peggy said...

Will say a prayer for your son. I loved seeing all your beautiful flowers and plants. We are suppose to get rain tomorrow so I want to finish planting the last garden today. Several years ago a friend and I had a antique and collectible shop in Lexington, NC and then in Winston Salem. We use to make trips to Hendersonville curbside market and purchase jams, jellies, ciders, and crafts. We always bought the most delicious fried apple pies there. Hoping to get back there this summer when I visit my brother in Pisgah Forest. Reading about all those yummy cakes you baked made me remember the fried pies. LOL Have a very blessed weekend.

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hi Marilyn, YES---I will pray for your son. It has been a very long year for him.

Grandson looks like he loves being with you all.. That's just so special!!!!!!

Love your flowers... We have many lilies blooming now and some of the day lilies. Our Pansies are trying to hang on --through the heat. It's hard on them.

Love that caladium.. The colors are beautiful...

Have a wonderful Sunday.