Saturday, June 25, 2011


Woke up an hour early this morning and as I lay there waiting for the alarm to go off I heard on the scanner that an accident just up the road had clipped a power pole.
I got up and hurriedly got anything done that would require electricity in case they turned the power off to fix the pole.
We made it to market on time and after getting set up Hubbie and Daughter walked down the street to a produce market to get some corn for Sunday dinner.
I'll be glad when someone has corn in here.
The day was slower than Thursday but still okay.
It was a hot ,sunny day and a lot of people were just looking today.
As we got ready to leave a neighbor gave us his left over sun flowers.
There was enough for a nice big bouquet for church tomorrow and a nice bouquet for my table.
Daughter went and picked up #1 son and g-son to take g-son swimming over at Sis-in-laws pool, Hubbie was mowing grass and I pulled the grass and weeds out of my patios and mulch beds.
Whew it's hot today,90 degrees at 5:00 this evening.
We fixed supper for everyone and then daughter went to babysit for a friend and the rest of us spent the evening relaxing and enjoying the cooling air of the evening.

Bringing back memories of June in 1991 I remember the hectic activity of that month when both boys made their age groups Little League Baseball All- Star teams and would be traveling to different places to play their games.
#1 son was 9 and would be traveling to North Buncombe county for his games.
He was an outfielder on this team.
I don't remember how far they went in the tournament but I know they didn't win it.Son was #12.

#2 son made the 8 year old All-Star team and played at Hominy Valley in Buncombe county.#2 son was a pitcher/catcher on his team.
Add ImageThey would win the tournament and be crowned District champs. Son is the one with the coaches hands on his shoulders.
Unknown to all of us at this age this group of boys would continually come together every year as they got older and became a very good team and traveled each year to play district and regional tournaments.

As I looked at these pictures and then looked at #1 son as he sat here this evening,it is hard to believe that this much time has passed and I am this much older !!!!
I must be extra tired tonight from my early morning and the heat of the day because I am dizzy headed tonight and feel like I could sleep for days.
Thank you Lord for the life that I have had and all the enjoyment and blessings you extended my way as the kids grew up.
Good Night and God Bless.


Gail said...

You are truly blessed with wonderful memories and the chance to make many more. Rest well.

Rita said...

Boy, at our age it seems we can get so very tired. I did that this week putting weed guard and mulch down after pulling so many weeds. Yikes, my body is killing me but thankfully it will pass. :) Your cakes have to be delicious! My mother used to use a caramel icing that was so good I can still taste it today. I'll see if that recipe is in the old recipe box. I think you'll feel better when you wake up this morning. God Bless.

Peggy said...

This heat and humidity seems to have wiped out my energy as I am staying tired so much these days. Love those beautiful sunflowers! Have a very blessed weekend my friend.

NCmountainwoman said...

What beautiful flowers! We cleaned out the garage in yesterday's heat. I'm ready for some "seasonable" weather. Enough of this heat.

Jean said...

I like the Sunflowers and your sweet memories. Hope y'all didn't get any damage from the recent line of storms.