Monday, June 27, 2011


As I was just finishing the morning chores daughter caught up with me to say she is lining things up for Thursday and Friday of this week to have the power turned on in her house for the appraiser and inspectors. Also where's the jars for the blackberry jam she was going to make today? ,etc.,etc. !!!
Whoa!! There's no way I can run on this girl's schedule,not anymore. But she does remind me of a younger me that's for sure.
Anyway back in the house while I ate breakfast we made some phone calls and got things lined up. I'm just waiting for a friend of mine who is the well inspector to call me back.
Daughter is off to her friends farm to pick more blackberries.
It is already 80 degrees before 11 am so it's gonna be another hot one but clouds are already building.
Sent an Avon order off and moved some chickens around to larger cages before lunch time.
They will be much cooler as well as having lots more room. I cleaned out the brooder box she left so it will be ready for the next broody girl.
Daughter came back with 3 gallons of berries ,1 to eat and 2 to make into jam.
She went to work on the jam between phone calls from the bank, the realtor ,inspector,appraisor,water inspectors and Duke Power.
I think we have everything lined up now, whew!!
Power on tomorrow, de-winterizing Wednesday, appraisal Thursday, inspection Friday,power off Saturday.

14 jars of blackberry jam.14 jars of not so jelled jam that can be used for pancake and ice cream syrup.
Yum Yum !!!

Okay it was time to head on down to the dentist for her wisdom teeth removal.
She had "happy" pills to take before she got there so she would be calm.
We picked up Hubbie from work on the way just in case. But things went remarkably well, the dentist had all 4 out in less than 30 minutes and said they were all easy pulls and not even any stitches. She was still really dopey on the trip back up the mountain. We stopped and got her pain meds before we came home plus some ice cream and baby food for her to eat until the swelling goes down.
We drove through rain on the way down and on the way back up the mountain but we got no rain here so I did some watering this evening.
The Mimosa trees in the yard are full of fragrant blooms this year.These are such fragile pretty blooms.And ohhhh they smell so goooood !!!!!

I came inside to help daughter remove the gauze pads and get her something to drink to take a pain pill and she wound up passed out in the kitchen floor. She started down and I caught her so she didn't hit her head and just layed her down on her back and got a cold rag for her head. Hubbie was spraying weed killer on the bank in front of the house so I called #2 son to come help me get her up and onto the couch.
She recovered quickly and ate some baby food and ice cream after she took her pill.
She will be sleeping in the recliner tonight so we can hear her if she gets up.
Fainting is common in our family so we usually expect it in these situations.

Thanking God tonight for giving daughter a very easy time at the dentist,praying now for a quick recovery.
Good Night and God Bless.


NCmountainwoman said...

Too bad she won't be able to eat any blackberries for a while. Hope all goes well.

Anonymous said...

I can't wait to get back in the Blue Ridge again. I hope there are still some Mimosas in bloom when I get there in 3 weeks. The first thing I'm going to do is go blackberry hunting, mmmm.


Pappy said...

Is the new picture somewhere along the Parkway?