Friday, June 17, 2011


With a busy Friday on tap and this being Hubbie's first Friday off for the summer my schedule changes will start today.
During chores today I gave all my chickens except the youngest medicated water to keep their systems running as they should and rid them of any parasites.
Hubbie and I headed up to do all the work at church this morning instead of going twice as usual.
We made it home at lunch time and then it was lawn mowing duty for Hubbie and cake baking duty for me.
Daughter has been at the realty office all morning filling out papers on her house.
G-son came over this afternoon to spend time with us so his dad could take a shower and rest.
However his rest was cut short when he had to come over and load a bush hog on to a buyers trailer.
Hubby had tried to back it up on the trailer,but the ramps flew up and knocked the muffler off the tractor leaving a large hole in the manifold. No money will be made on this sale and he could have gotten badly hurt.
Son loaded it with his skid steer easily.
We made a spaghetti supper for #1 and #2 son ,daughter and a friend of hers who stopped by and g-son.
After supper daughter, her friend and I had a nice visit. This friend from high school was daughter's college roommate and she was in her wedding just a few weeks ago.Andrea is a nurse at Mission Hospital but will be moving to Charlotte at the end of the month to join her new husband who already has a job there and she will be entering a school/work program for 2 1/2 years to become an anesthesiologist.

I iced caramel,chocolate and coconut cakes tonight. I have quite a few orders for tomorrow.
Today has been a cloudy,normal temperature 80 day. The full moon tonight was burning through the clouds.Grateful for #1 son's healing as it appears to be coming along very well and the prayers that were answered.
Good Night and God Bless.


Gail said...

All that sounds like good news to me, except the tractor part.

So wonderful your son is doing well, he shall remain in my prayers.

Can't wait to see daughter's new house...or have I missed the pictures already?

Julie Harward said...

Sorry about the tractor mishap but the day sounds like a good one. I know what you mean about the moon, I felt it too! ;D