Thursday, June 16, 2011


Felt very blessed this morning to have maintained our power overnight through the storms. The news reports this morning are comparing the massive power outage numbers from last night's storm to 2004 hurricane Ivan's numbers. Tonight as I write this blog there are still around 20,000 homes and business's without electricity in western NC and the upstate area of SC.
Daughter and I loaded up and went to the Curb Market this morning,it sure is nice to have her here to help carry and set up.
We had a pretty good day and she got some big news while we were there. The bank accepted her offer on the 1st house she made an offer on. While I thought she would be jumping for joy she had a reserved caution about it.
It is a big deal,to buy your 1st house and she is really the first to move off our family farm.
So I understand her reservations.
But I think she has gotten a very good deal on this house and could stand to make some money on it if she decides she doesn't like living there in future years.
After market she went to meet with some house sitting clients and I did shopping for groceries and supplies. She beat me home
and was there to help unload, I'm sure gonna miss this !!!!
After Hubbie got home from work we met #2 son who hasn't seen this house to go over and look it over since we hadn't been in it in a couple months.
This is the house new in Feb. 2008.
Everything was the same, no more damage,except for a mowed over septic vent pipe.
I guess they let the grass get so high they didn't see the pipe sticking up.
She became more excited as we went through the house talking about what needed to be done and what she could do.
If I lived here I would spend a lot of time on the front porch just staring at the gorgeous view.
She is meeting the realtor early in the morning to get he paperwork started. There are several more hurdles to clear before it actually becomes a reality.

After we got home I was pretty wiped out so I layed down to rest for a few minutes and realized I hadn't eaten anything since my salad at lunch,no wonder I feel wiped out!
I got up and fixed some pop corn chicken and a cottage cheese fruit salad.
I did the evening chores and iced 6 caramel cakes tonight.
I'm still feeling a bit un-normal tonight but I think I'm just extra tired.
Thankful for a blessing filled day.
Good Night and God Bless.

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