Sunday, June 5, 2011


Had a much better night's sleep last night. I layed down with g-son in my regular bed to watch the news and fell asleep, so I did sleep in my bed after all. And I was so tired the snoring or dog barking didn't wake me. Hubbie said Sadie started her constant barking about the same time and tonight if she does it he is going to sneak out to see what she is barking at each night.
G-son went to Sunday school this morning with Hubbie and daughter. I did all the chores and got there for preaching. We had a special service for our high school graduates.
We honored 8 graduates all from the same high school. As I sat there and watched the emotions of the parents I was glad this is over for me.
Talked to a cousin's wife after the service that I haven't seen in a while.
Had lunch with daughter and #2 son and g-son. #1 son called about 2:00 and said they were headed back, about a 2 hour drive.
After lunch #2 son went to find some more shoes to wear on his mail carrying route and Hubbie,daughter,g-son and I went to Walgreens to get a list of things we needed.
We all met up again including #1 son and d-in-love who just happened to be coming home at the time of the meeting with daughter's realtor to look at a condo. This condo is in the same gated condo community that she first looked in but this one is in foreclosure,due to the husband dying and the elderly wife just left the state. It is priced $40,000 less than the one we previously looked at and she is going to offer even less. The condo will need to be painted entirely because now it is varying shades of bright orange and the carpet is ruined. Some of the light fixtures are missing but there is no major damage.
I think she would enjoy living in this community as it has a pool and club house that is really nice. It is also close to us and close to her work.
After we all left there I spent the rest of the afternoon in an aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh!!! mood.
I just sat quietly and enjoyed the sounds of the evening. We were hoping for some rain but when it didn't happen I pulled myself up and carried water to all my potted plants.

Decade pictures for the June in 1961 were non existent but I did find one for 1971.
This is me modeling a skirt and vest set I made in June 1971. That's my youngest brother in the background.
Today has been another 90 degree day with hot sunshine until late this evening when clouds moved in but the storms went around us.This is the predictions for the week ,looks not quite as hot but pretty dry still.

Praising God tonight for His generous blessings and lifting #1 son in prayer for his leg surgery.
Good Night and God Bless.

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