Wednesday, June 8, 2011


Up early to a call from an Avon customer with an order. The heat is already building outside as I fed and watered the chickens and dogs. I put out a new suet cake as the Brown Thrasher pair were flitting around looking for their breakfast again.
After breakfast I made some delivery phone calls but found no one at home or at least answering their phones this morning.
I iced 6 caramel cakes and wrapped and labeled then along with the pound and wine cakes I made last night.
I'm waiting for the trampoline buyer to call back when she gets closer to go meet her.
Got that call and headed out to meet her and got one Avon delivery made before lunch.
After lunch I cleaned all my floors and swept off all the porches. The skies are full of clouds and it is spitting rain,I hear thunder closer than the last few days but still no rain for us.Before the clouds completely took over our temperature climbed to 91,whew!
I won't complain about no rain as a lot of folks got severe storms that knocked out power and dropped golf ball size hail.
Sat out in the sunroom and read the news paper this afternoon as the air has cooled down as the storms passed.
The late hatching white silkie hen added one more chick today. Evidently I wrote the date she started setting down wrong.
No word on the eggs in the last kindergarten class, this class has never gotten any eggs to hatch so there may be something wrong with their incubator.
Speaking of chicks ,it's time for a chick update....These 3 are out of the middle of March hatch. The middle one is a pullet and the outside two are roosters. The roosters will be fried chicken when they get a little bigger unless I sell them first.Also out of that hatch I kept this Splash colored Silkie rooster and also a red Silkie hen who refused to have her picture taken.
Then there was that flea market trip at the end of April that I bought these 2 pullets on....I've got to learn not to believe those people who say they can tell pullets and roosters a part when they are chicks. Or maybe they could tell them apart and they just plain lied to sell them !! Anyway there will be 2 more roosters for the pot when they get bigger.

This Red Silkie mama doesn't want to give up her May 4th hatched babies quite yet.I did take the smaller 2 silkie babies and put them with the school chicks but left her the 4 large chicken babies to mother maybe until the end of the month then whether she is ready or not she'll go back into the lot.
Usually these mamas will let you know when they are ready to leave their chicks.

These are the school hatched chicks, they all hatched throughout the 3rd week of May and are growing nicely. I still leave the light on at night for them,more so they will continue to eat than for heat.It definitely is going to be interesting to see the many different colors of these chicks.
That catches all the chick babies up except of course the white silkie that is hatching now.

I did weekly paperwork while daughter did her baking tonight.She put in an offer on the foreclosed condo we looked at Sunday. They are supposed to let her know tomorrow afternoon.
I iced more caramel,chocolate and coconut cakes tonight.

Thanking God tonight for my blessings and asking for His comfort for #1 son as he gets ready for his surgery Friday.
Good Night and God Bless.


Julie Harward said...

Sounds like a busy and a good the chickens! ;D

NCmountainwoman said...

I'll be thinking of you and the family tomorrow. I do hope the surgery is a complete success.