Monday, June 20, 2011


Cloudy morning but the temperature is starting to get hot earlier.
After chores and breakfast daughter came by and we went to run some errands this morning before the basketball camp she is helping with.
We picked up copies of the well and septic permits for the house she's buying and put her cell phone on our family plan to save her $50 month.
Made it home just in time for lunch and then she was off to her camp.
I did some investigative work on how to get the power turned on at the house before going outside and moving some chicks around so I can advertise them for sale.
As I came inside to cool off from the 86 degree sunny weather today I noticed some old things with new uses around my house.
This old egg basket is now a magazine holder.

This old wooden Pepsi crate is now a knick knack shelf.

This old chamber pot holds bath supplies beside the bathtub.

I have many more old things with new uses but that will be fodder for another post .

Daughter came by to pick me up tonight for a VBS meeting for teachers at church tonight. It lasted about an hour and then I baked cake layers tonight to get a jump on the large order I have for Thursday.
Hubbie mowed #1 son's lawn this evening and said son came out and talked to him and seemed to be getting along fine. We are so thankful for his uneventful recovery so far.

Grateful to God tonight for the blessings of today.
Good Night and God Bless.


Rita said...

I do this too. It is fun and makes me feel like I refreshed my life without spending money. Also, made a new place for things that didn't really have a special spot so it cleaned out the clutter. Have a great day!

Gail said...

Wonderful news about your son! It will be good to have that problem behind him.

I love to repurpose things. I love your ideas.

Just looking in this room, I see an old railroad apike barrell, wooden, with my found arrowheads on top, then a round glass cover used for a side table. You can view the arrowheads and still use it as a table.