Thursday, June 2, 2011


Thanks to Sadie I got a very early wake up call this morning. I decided we needed a watch dog loose around the farm at night so for the last couple nights I have left Sadie out of her pen during the night. Well she is on the job for sure as about 4:30 this morning I was awakened by constant barking,not frantic but constant,like she maybe had something treed. I layed there awhile thinking surely she would stop but, no,finally I got up,raised the bedroom wondow and with that noise she stopped and ran back up the drive way. I was relieved to see her come from that direction ,opposite my chicken pens.
I went back to bed but didn't get much more sleep,of course about time for the alarm to sound I fell ino a deep sleep,but the jangling brought me out of it.

I got to market actually a few minutes early,took my time getting set up because there was no one there except us sellers.
The thermometer in my van read 76 degrees on the way to town at 9 am.

It is an overcast day and our chances of rain are better this evening than they have been.
I'm sitting here at market with my little fan blowing directly on me so I'm not too hot. It's been a pretty slow day,guess no one wants to get out and come to an unairconditioned market on a day like today.
I've spent my extra time downloading my next years blog on my lap top this time,only now I can't find it !! Grrrrrrrr!!!

It is so hot I feel mind boggled especially with the lost sleep last night.

Got some advice from a computer tech who came by and saw me with my lap top on my lap. He told me to put something between my clothing and the lap top so the fan in the bottom of the lap top wouldn't suck up lint off my clothing and stop it up. Who knew,makes sense to me.

Left market early today as the timer that controls the electricity shut down and turned off all the fans including my little one. The heat,90 degrees was absolutely smothering.
After leaving I went by a yard sale on the edge of town but didn't find a thing I wanted.
After running my regular PO and banking errands, I picked up baking supplies and ny Avon order and headed out to hopefully beat the storm that was brewing home to close my sun room windows.
As I unloaded my van I had another black snake encounter,this one will live to get another chance to stay clear of me. He was twice the size of the one we killed last night but he was below the house,but if I see him again it might be a different story because of his size.A snake that size could put a hurtful bite on as unsuspecting g-son.
I didn't get everything unloaded before the storm hit, thunder and lightening plus marble size hail. I watched the hail bouncing off things and just closed me eyes, I couldn't bare to watch what I thought would be the end of our garden and my flowers.
The banging sounds were quickly replaced with just rain sounds and as I opened my eyes I saw only rain falling.We only got a couple tenths of an inch of rain but I am just thankful we didn't get the hail. Turns out we were just on the edge of a major hail storm that piled hail up in neighbors yards just down the road.
This is at the Bi-Lo shopping center near bro and sis in laws house.

Hubbie said it poured hail at the shop where he works.
After he got home,#1 son, who had been trout fishing all day and g-son came over and brought a mess of fresh trout to have for supper. We grilled them and boy were they good,I love fresh trout.
G-son played on his swing awhile after supper and then they went home to get an early bedtime.
That's what I'm looking forward to after last night I feel like I could sleep for days.
Thanking God for His grace in sparing us the hail storm today and for the blessings of the day.
Good Night and God Bless


Betsy from Tennessee said...

Did the storm cool things off a bit????? We need some rain badly---but like you, I don't want any hail.....

Our TV Weatherman said that the heat won't be quite as bad next week---but won't break for about 1 1/2 more weeks... GADS!!!!


Kathy said...

I'm on the N.C. coast and did not hear a work of htis on our news. Holy crap! That hail is big. It looks like we're getting ready to melt soon though doesn't it?