Sunday, June 19, 2011



Woke this morning to a thunder storm which was strange to hear first thing in the morning.
I went into church in the rain and came out in the sunshine.
But the sunshine didn't last long as the clouds and more rain came soon after lunch. Everyone made it to our father's day lunch of ham and mac and cheese casserole, fresh potatoes and fried squash from our garden and green beans and corn from the vegetable market.
When everyone left Hubbie and I spent a relaxing day.

This afternoon I thought about my father on this Father's Day and how his life must have been.
Born in 1901,the youngest of 13 children, 4 of whom had already passed away and 1 more died shortly after he was born. I don't know a lot about my dad's early life and their is no one left to help me out.
Among some old photos I found after my mom died was an old metal photograph.Compared to some of the other pics of my dad although there are no markings on this old photo I believe it is my dad probably in his late teen years. In all his pics he had a big bush of hair that was parted in the middle.

Here is dad in later years with his new 1951 Oldsmobile. He worked for GM for a while and bought this car because he said oldsmobiles were the testing grounds for cadilacs.
This was our only family car until I was in high school in the late 60's.This is dad in 1953 with his best friend Jack.
Me and my brother in dad's lap on Christmas 1958.This is dad doing what he loved doing, farming the land in the mid 60's. No matter how hot the temperature you would always find him in his long sleeve,long pants khaki shirt and pants.

I would love to know more about my dad's early life and hopefully through some research that I am trying to find time for I can shed some light at least on where he lived.
It is sad that I never thought to ask him any questions while he was still alive.

Happy Father's Day to all the dad's out there in blogger land ,may God bless you with many more.
Good Night and God bless.

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