Tuesday, June 28, 2011


Got up late this morning due to a malfunctioning alarm clock. Oh well there's nothing pressing on today's agenda except a cake delivery this morning so I'll be alright.
Daughter seems to be a little better this morning,she is still very sleepy but is eating some.
I got laundry started and made my delivery then did housework the rest of the morning.
It is sunny outside this morning with mid 80's temperatures. The weather wizards are calling for strong storms later today.
I hung towels out in hopes the sun would stay out long enough to dry them but it didn't and I had to put them in the dryer to finish drying.
After lunch I did more housework,seems this is a never ending thing around here.
I made a couple phone calls for daughter setting up an appointment for water testing at her house because her jaws are sore and she doesn't feel like doing a lot of talking.
The skies got very dark about 3:30 and I was expecting really bad storm as I could hear the thunder getting closer. We squeezed in between 2 bad storms and only got some rain,thank you Lord.

Last week I bought a large plastic Hawk to hang under my covered patio in hopes that it would keep the Pileated Woodpeckers form destroying the timbers looking for carpenter bees.
So far it is working as I watched 3 of these beauties fly from tree to tree today around the yard ignoring the patio.
As I walked out the back door this morning I got a whiff of a lovely fragrance,not the mimosa, but something else just as sweet.
Just outside the door is a pot of Lavender and it is beginning to bloom it's dainty little sweet smelling blossoms.
Speaking of lavender, (the color) that is I've noticed some of my Hosta's have these lovely deep lavender blooms this year.
I've never notice the color being this deep on these blooms, this picture really doesn't do them justice as they are a much deeper lavender color than they show up.
Maybe it's just the right amount of rain,or the timing of the rain. What ever it is I'm sure enjoying all the wonderful rich colors this year.
This evening Hubbie ,daughter and I went over to her house to make sure the power was on. I talked to one of the neighbors and they really seemed like nice folks.
Back home #1 son was loading his skid steer on a buyers trailer. I know he is sad to see it go but this part of his journey is over and another part is getting ready to begin as soon as his leg heals. He is closer to God now and I've got a feeling this next part will be better than any he's traveled before.
I baked cakes tonight and am getting ready to head for bed as it is almost midnight.
Thankful to God tonight for His everlasting love.
Good Night and God Bless.


Julie Harward said...

I love lavender too..this plant always stops me in my tracks! Sounds like another good day for you...happy 4th! :D

Jean said...

I would give anything to have Pleated Woodpeckers at my place. It is interesting what is important to us....isn't it???

Just cut my lavender blooms. I tie them together and bring them inside.