Sunday, June 26, 2011


Nursery duty at church today,oh boy !! Had 6 toddlers , 2 boys and 4 girls, everyone was well behaved and only had 1 crier just for a minute so it was a pretty easy time. Hubbie and I also had daughter and another younger mother to help,so 4 on 6 was a good ratio.

Had lunch with everyone here then daughter and I went to my niece's baby shower.

She is due to have a little boy on August 23rd.

She and my nephew were married in Jamaica last June.

She got a lot of very nice things. This 3-wheeler made from diapers was the hit of the shower, so cute !!!!

After the shower we made a stop in Ingles and another delivery daughter needed to make then came home.
It has been a mid 80's temperature day with mostly cloudy skies and on and off light showers.
A lady from market came after one of my free roosters this afternoon. That leaves 3 to give away.
I worked in my flowers for a while this evening between showers.This is my favorite Geranium blossom.This Ice Plant is really enjoying all the rain we've had lately.

So is this pot of Impatients.

And I'm just the kind of person to have a Pumpkin growing in my landscape just outside my back door.Some times we are so anxious to get the vegetables from these plants that we overlook the beauty of the blossoms they produce.
I sat last years Halloween jack-o-lantern in this flower bed so the birds and squirrels could feast on the pumpkin seeds and I am rewarded with this vine full of large pretty blossoms.
Not looking forward to tomorrow as I am taking daughter to have her 4 wisdom teeth all pulled at one time.

This day has been a good one with the blessings from God that I'm truly grateful for.
Good Night and God Bless.

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