Monday, June 13, 2011


After chores and breakfast I hurried through an Avon order online before getting over to the hospital.
It feels nice outside today with temperatures only in the low 80's for a nice change. The skies are partly cloudy but it is suppose to clear off after lunch with no chance of rain.

It's funny how normally I would hate this long drive but suddenly it has become routine and doesn't seem like such a long drive anymore.I don't even have to pay attention to the Trauma Unit directions any more.

And I don't even bother looking for a parking place above ground anymore,I just drive straight down into the parking deck. Today I parked ,walked up the stairs and walked right past the car that was in front of me still circling trying to find a space to park on top.
Son is doing very well today , his hemoglobin is starting to come up,it was 8.8 this morning. Unhooked from the IV fluid he has walked around the halls on his crutches and has a machine to bend his knee that he gets in 6-8 hours a day now. He is ready to get out of the hospital tomorrow though.
Our neighbor and son's friend's father who had the problems after surgery died this afternoon after having a massive stroke last night. It was very sad, son's friend came up and sat in his room this evening and told him about it. Please offer prayers for this family. He was only 58 years old.
I came home and did some yard work this afternoon.
Daughter came in and said she got out bid on the condo, but now has renewed her bid on the original house she made an offer on.
Tomorrow is her last day of work this school year.
Her and Hubbie went over to have supper with son tonight.
Just as they were leaving a deputy ran into the ditch at our driveway ,tearing his patrol car up but not hitting anything but the end of the culvert. Thankfully he didn't hit anyone coming in the opposite direction.He said he looked down at his radio and ran off the road.
I waked this evening and watered all my potted plants since we haven't had any rain to speak of since last Thursday.

Back in June of 1981 as I was carrying #1 son, Hubbie and I made a short trip to Myrtle Beach,this is where we stayed.We also spent some time at the lake in the first part of the month before my dad had to be put into the hospital.There weren't too many more days to smile about as my dad had surgery to remove some spots from his lungs and would struggle with recovery for several weeks.

As this eventful day comes to an end I ask God to be with the McGraw family as they struggled to understand why their father,husband,son was taken away and I pray that they find comfort in the Lord Jesus during this time. I pray for the young deputy that had the accident,he was very upset, may he find peace. Last but not least I pray that son will continue to heal and that God will bless him with patience and comfort during recovery.
Good night and God Bless.

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NCmountainwoman said...

It's hard to understand why our loved ones are taken and I guess we really weren't meant to understand. Thoughts are with the family of the man taken too soon.

I'm so glad to hear your son is doing so well. Fingers crossed that his recovery continues to progress.