Wednesday, September 14, 2011


A cool morning,57 degrees when I headed out to do the chores. Just thinking this is going to be about the high for the day Friday !!
I walked this morning and found not one thing to make a picture of,maybe I was thinking to much instead of enjoying the sights around me !
Back at the house I iced 6 more caramel cakes and cleaned the kitchen before lunch.
After lunch I cleaned all the floors and swept off all the outside porches and patios. There are already falling leaves to be swept away and I learned the hard way the acorns are starting to fall,OUCH!!!!
As it is near 4:00 and g-son is coming while his mom makes pictures of my new little great nephew I came inside to do a load of laundry and sort my Avon orders while I waited.
I finished these task and Hubbie came in from work at 5:00 without a sign of g-son yet and no expanation, oh well.
Maybe she forgot !!! Hopefully she just forgot to call me and didn't forget to make the pictures of the little guy.
Anyway I left to make an Avon delivery to a lady that is leaving this weekend headed back to Florida.
Hubbie went over to daughter's to prime the last rooms with the help of her and a friend of hers.
When I got back from my delivery I decided to take another walk around the pasture in the cool of this evening. It feels so good out here tonight after a pretty warm 84 degree day there is a nice breeze tonight.
Talked to #2 son ,he said his leg is healing and isn't so sore anymore.
I did weekly paperwork and iced chocolate and coconut cakes tonight.

In 1981 my life was getting ready to change forever, as I was at this time about 4 weeks away from having my first baby.
My due date was October 4th so it was time for a baby shower in mid September.
This was a beautiful cake but I have always wondered why the one cattail ??????

ASK JESUS ......HE KNOWS !!!!!!
Good Night and God Bless

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Peggy said...

Tell your daughter my granddaughter Hope plays Varsity and Julie plays junior varsity. Thursday my grandson will be playing middle grade football at East Henderson. By the way my niece Wendy Clayton (works at Oasis Salon) loves going to the market and I told her to look you up next time she goes.Have a wonderful rest of the week and watch out for those acorns! LOL