Thursday, September 15, 2011


Up early and doing chores before getting ready for market. The clouds are already here hopefully bringing some much needed rain with the cold front that is due here tonight.Driving into town I noticed how deserted the roads already are from the busy summer tourist season around here and the parking lot at market even more so.
After a slow start I actually had a very good day,selling alot to people headed on their way to their winter homes.
Not feeling like any kind of work this morning I've been playing around on this laptop all morning off and on between customers. By lunch time the sun is shining brightly so I guess our rain chance has passed us by for the time being. That means more watering duties tonight.
Talked to sis-in-law who called to say eggs were on sale at Bilo for .59 a dozen so that'll be an added stop on my way home.
After market I ran regular errands and made 3 Avon deliveries plus a couple extra stops and didn't get home until almost 5:30. Hubbie had some broccoli and corn in the steamer so supper cooked while we unloaded and put things away.
#2 son came up to get the mower and his leg looks like it is healing fine.
Hubbie and I put Frontline flea drops on Annie, Sadie and Flash this evening.
I looked out over our pastures this evening and couldn't help but wonder how long all this green would be around.
Today has been mostly sunny and 78 degrees but this evening a really cool breeze is starting to blow as the sun goes down. The wind is suppose to blow up to 35 mph later tonight and tomorrow with temperatures in the upper 40's to start the day.
After I finished the evening chores I hit the couch for a rest,my legs are hurting tonight.
Baking will be put off until the morning.

As I looked for September 1991 decade pictures I came across only this one of my mother as she sits at her Curb Market table. Judging by her sweater there was some cool weather that year also. The round towel holders hanging up and all the heart appliqued things on the table were my things that I was making at that time and she was selling them for me.
I am listening to the 10:00 news and yawning so I think this is an early to bed night after my long day.
Thanking God for blessing me with good health.
Good Night and God Bless.

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