Monday, September 19, 2011


It's 4:00 in the afternoon and I'm at the computer????? Something must be wrong with this picture !!
My day started out pretty regular with g-son here early and hubbie taking him to school while I did chores and had my breakfast.
It is a really cloudy dreary day, one that you can feel the moisture in the air but yet nothing is hitting the ground.
After I got all the chores done I had to get out an Avon order and take care of some more important business on the computer. My mouse is driving me crazy jumping around and I can hardly get it to stay over what I want to click on,grrrrrrr!!!!!!
I just finished this business when it was time to pick g-son up from pre-K.
Hubbie had an errand to run in town after we got him then I headed to Sam's to get a new mouse for the computer.
While g-son and hubbie ate lunch of their regular favorite pizza I found a wireless mouse that I can switch from desktop to laptop for $15 so I am now a happy clicker once again !!!
When we got home I had more business to handle while hubbie and g-son played in his playroom so they wouldn't disturb me.
Finally just before d-in-love came to pick up g-son I'm finished and things are taken proper care of, hopefully at least !!
After they went home ,hubbie went over to work at daughter's house and so with my head still spinning from the morning's activities I'm calming down by blogging.
I'm not saying anything about what I was doing today as it will come out later in a post when it really is totally taken care of and finished, but it's all good !
Think I'll make me a hot cup of tea and watch birds for awhile.
Okay after my cup of tea, I got busy with my bird watching.

Doves are usually ground feeders but this guy sat for a long time and just observed what was going on below on the ground.I noticed that the gold finches are losing their bright colors quickly.A flutter of activity that scared all the finches away left the feeder open to several little Carolina Chick-a-dees.
They were having a high old time flitting to and fro all around the feeder. I was lucky to have caught 2 of them in flight in 1 picture.

I dragged myself away from the relaxation therapy bird watching gives me to go take some pictures of some Silkie roosters I need to sell.
Then it was chore time again,still no rain just clouds and cool temperature of 64 today for a high.
Hubbie and daughter came in from her house and brought KFC home for supper.
Daughter looks tired from all her activities, I hope she doesn't make herself sick as she usually does in the fall of the year.
I baked 48 layers tonight for caramel cakes.

In September of 2001 another first happened for our family. We took our first child to college. #1 son did not want to go to college,he had hated high school and we figured it would be a waste of money if he didn't want to go. But #2 son wanted to go to college and got a basketball scholarship to pay for most of it with academic scholarship money to pay the rest. We had visited many colleges that were recruiting him to play ball for them but he choose a small near by school named Montreat.Only about 45 minutes away from our house we would get to see most of his ball games.It was a Christian college with many old beautiful rock buildings.Including the chapel which was one of the most beautiful places I have ever been in. The inside walls were solid rock filled with mica which continually sparkled.Son's dormitory was one of the more modern buildings and housed many of the athletes.
We felt like this was a good fit for son and were thankful that he was playing his college basketball close to home. I made it through the whole day without a tear until we were on our way home,then they rolled freely.

We were also spending a lot of time in the high school gym watching daughter play volleyball.Daughter is #2 in her junior year of varsity volleyball.
She put her all into this game as she does anything she does.She now coaches at the same high school she played at.And here she is in her 11th grade picture.

Well that is all for today as it is almost midnight and me throat is getting a little scratchy.
Thankful for all the blessings of today.
Good Night and God Bless.

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Gail said...

A very full day with many things accomplished...tomorrow, you begin again.