Thursday, September 29, 2011


A little cooler air greeted me this morning during chores as it was 55 degrees as I started out today. But the sunshine will warm it up so I'm still in capris and short sleeves as I head out to market.I'm sitting here typing this at noon wondering where all the customers are. I've had a fairly good day considering this time of year and I know I'll get really busy once the leaves get a little more color in them.
That will happen soon with the temperatures expected this weekend.
2:00 finally arrived and I left market to run errands before coming home. Home Depot had pumpkins on sale so I went by and picked up 4 for $10 ,2 for me and 2 for daughter's new house.They were surprisingly large pumpkins.
Made it home at 4:00 and unloaded and got things put away before #2 son came in to get the lawn mower to mow his yard. He said hubbie was going to work a little longer at daughters before he came home.
I did a couple loads of month end laundry that I've been putting off,had a nice visit with sis-in-law who came by and then did evening chores.
Hubbie came in and we sat out his live animal trap above my hen lot as a part of the fence was bent down like something had tried to get in and had sat on the top of the wire.
After chores I spent some time relaxing before cake baking time. I baked 6 layers and a pound cake tonight.
Thanking God for the blessings of today.
Good Night and God Bless.

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