Saturday, September 10, 2011


Out to check on all the newly moved chickens this morning. They all seemed to be adjusting fine and are being accepted or ignored by the previous residents.
Off to market with the help of Hubbie and daughter today. The day was a pretty slow day which is expected this time of year. I like to call this week apple festival hang over week ! And the bad part of this is this hang over last about a month,the changing of the leaf color is usually the cure.
Hubbie left after we got set up to stop by and pick up chicken feed and then get up to the church to help with the security patrol at block blast.
Daughter went to the library and then left to pick up g-son and head up to church where she will be in charge of the kids games for a while.
I am having a very boring time with no customers in sight and not enough time to drag my crocheting out so.............

And this was as far as I got on my blog before my phone rang .
It was #2 son the mailman, saying he was in a ambulance and might need a ride home. He had been badly dog bitten in the calf muscle of his left leg. The police were there as well and were taking the necessary steps with the dogs.
I called daughter to come back to the market and get our things to fill orders,luckily she was still in town with g-son.
I hurriedly packed up and as she got there we loaded it in her jeep and I left to meet son.
He was at an urgent care center not far from market.
When I got there he was already back in a room and waiting for the doctor.
He said there were 4 big dogs that had broken through a storm storm on a house just after he had put their mail in their box and started off their porch. One bit his shirt ,one bit his mailbag and another well that is evident where he bit. There were teeth marks all the way around son's leg and a very deep punchure wound all the way to the bone.
The doctor didn't want to close any of the wounds as they wouldn't be able to drain properly if there was bacteria left in them after they irrigated then vigorously.
She said typically a dog's mouth was very clean. As long as the dogs had up to date Rabies shots he should be fine. We are praying that this is the case !!!
She bandaged him up, gave him a tetnus shot and an antibiotic prescription and we left.
His leg was getting very sore but he drove himself home while I went to get the prescription filled and pick up some bandages so we can change the dressing daily.
By the time I got to his house the blood was already seeping through the bandages she put on.
He layed down and I came home ,put everything away and went up to Block Blast for a little while. I forgot my camera and took this picture from my cell phone of the massive crowd that was there on this beautiful day.
I met up with d-in-love and g-son and they headed home because he wasn't feeling well at all. I walked around and talked to several friends until I finally saw daughter and we got inline to eat. After my ordeal and finding no place to sit to eat I decided to get #2 son a plate as well and go to his house to eat with him.
It was very good BBQ, I had chicken and son had pork BBQ, both were delicious.
After we ate I came home and spent the evening resting quietly and enjoying the peacefulness.
Kate, daughter's "little sister" has been with daughter all day and they have gone over to daughter's house and to Home Depot and Lowes to look at window blinds.
Hubbie came in from his security patrol at the church and started mowing the lawn.
I went back down to son's house and redressed his leg after he took a shower tonight and the wounds look better, at least the bleeding has stopped.
He hasn't heard from the policeman so no news is good news in this case.

I have given myself a stern warning about saying I'm bored !!!!!!
After I didn't even get the sentence finished about how bored I was when the phone rang with this afternoon's whirlwind, I don't think I'll ever complain about boredom again !!!!
Tonight I am very grateful to God that son did not trip and fall among the four dogs and that the wounds are not as bad as they could have been and I'm praying that all the rabies vaccines were up to date.
Good Night and God Bless.

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NCmountainwoman said...

That is so scary. Hope the dogs are up on their rabies shots and that the wounds heal without any complication.