Sunday, September 11, 2011


Today is the 10th anniversary of the saddest day in America's history. When 4 planes were taken over by terrorist and 2 flew into the twin World Trade Towers in New York , 1 flew into the Pentagon in Arlington ,Virginia and another who's mission was another building in Washington DC was taken over by brave passengers who fought with the terrorist and it crashed in a Pennsylvania field. Almost 3,000 people lost their lives that fateful day and we as American's forever lost the comfort and safety we had always felt. No generation behind us will ever enjoy the same feelings we did living in a free country without fear of terrorist.
These lights shine toward the heavens from where the twin towers stood .
Soon Freedom Tower will take their place as America defiantly strikes back by building an even taller,mightier building in remembrance of all the lives lost and a symbol forever to future generations of how great this country is and the resilience of the American people. This tower will be finished and ready for occupancy in 2013.

Our church service this morning was quite different on this 9/11 tenth anniversary.
Our church purchased this huge tent and it was put up before the week of Bible School the first of August.It took several men,machines and hours to get it set up. So it was decided to leave it up through Block Blast. Then some of the older generation in the church thought it would be special while it was up to hold a Sunday morning tent service under it.
Today was the day and the Lord must have agreed that it was a great idea because the weather was perfect. Cool,clear and just right for an outside service.
Everyone enjoyed the service and the crowd was huge for our first outside tent service. I've a feeling this won't be the last !!
At noon we stopped to kneel and pray for the victims and families of 9/11 along with all other Christians.
We had 2 more people join our congregation today.Glory be to God.
It was a very memorable service.

Just as we were cooking lunch one of the contractors I had called for an estimate on the flooring for daughter's house called and said he was headed over to her house.
She and I left to meet him, he was the same price as a couple others but seemed to think the floor would need to be leveled before the flooring was put down.
#1 son,g-son and #2 son joined hubbie for lunch and daughter and I ate when we got in.
After we ate Hubbie,daughter and I headed back over to her house. Since Block Blast took away our weekend work time yesterday we will have to do somethings today.
Daughter mowed her lawn, hubbie painted primer and I trimmed the bushes in front of her house.This is what it looked like before.....
And this is what it looks like now......
The neighbors across the road were applauding the improvements. Now only if the inside would go this quickly.
We still like the kitchen and 2 bedrooms to be primed and of course she is back to square one on the flooring. The deal with Home Depot is off as she went to talk to them today and didn't like what they told her. Our plan now is to have another contractor give us his opinion on the unlevel floor and then Hubbie and #2 son will put the flooring down to save her the installation money. She is going back to Lumber Liquidators to pick another floor pattern ,hopefully one that looks like the one she picked from HD.
I came home and did chores and #2 son came up to eat the lunch leftovers and let me look at his leg. There is some redness around a couple of the teeth marks that we will need to watch closely. Hopefully the antibiotics will ward off any infection. He will switch routes this week to a driving route so it will be easier on his sore leg.
Hubbie and daughter came in and after a snack supper they are watching a movie while I blog.



Goon Night and God Bless.

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