Friday, September 9, 2011


Woke up refreshed from a good nights sleep and ready to face a new day.
During chores I decided it was time to move my 6 teenage hens to the big lot. I think they are big enough to handle the big roosters now.Although they spent the day in a much bigger lot all they were concerned with today was finding a way back into the smaller lot they has been in.
The resident hens and rooster didn't make a big deal out of them being in there thankfully.
I went on my walk but stayed on the phone most of the time and didn't really get to enjoy it this morning.
A couple of contractors called about putting daughter's floor down.
I came back to the house and worked in the yard pulling weeds awhile before lunch.
After lunch I wrapped all the cakes I made last night and then went to Ingles to pick up tea for drinks at our church's yearly Block Blast.
I worked at church for the rest of the afternoon. Just as I finished vacuuming the youth band from the contemporary congregation came in to practice music.
At home I had a salad for supper with hubbie and then decided to move more chickens around as long as I'm going to have to watch some of them closely to get into a new routine I might as well do all the moving.
I moved 6 smaller chicks out into the small Silkie lot and took mama away from the youngest chicks and moved them into the bigger chick box.
I watched them for a while as it got dark and finally went in and caught each newly moved chicken and made them walk up the plank into their new roosting abode.
Daughter is baking and when she is finished I will ice chocolate and coconut cakes before heading to bath and bed.
The temperature today got a little higher,74, with more sunshine but the dark clouds still looked threatening but didn't deliver any rain.

Tomorrow will be a busy day for my family as we all volunteer with the church at the block blast.
#1 son has to work and is taking g-son to work with him so I will pick him up on my way home from market so he can go to the block blast with us.
All the glory be to God as we show His love to the entire community tomorrow with a free carnival and meal.
Good Night and God Bless.

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Gail said...

Enjoy the carnival...I wish you rain, after.