Wednesday, September 7, 2011


OHHHHH!!!! So cool this morning again,feels so good after the last several months of above average temperatures, so now we are below average, but I'm sure not complaining!
Took a long refreshing walk after chores and breakfast this morning.
Heavy dew covered everything.
As I came back up around the garden I noticed the pears are ready to be picked.
Hubbie went through the tomatoes last night and found a bucket full that the rain had caused to burst so the chickens are enjoying them this morning.
I came inside to ice 6 more caramel cakes and start the housework for today which is cleaning all the floors and porches.
The day has stayed cloudy and the temperature hovered around 68 again today.
At least a breeze blew for a while and dried my towels that were still hanging out from yesterday.
I got a little start on my fall decorations this afternoon.The fall welcoming committee takes their seats on the front porch.

I filled all my old wagon wheel hubs with fall colors.
Before I got this job finished it was time to go over to daughter's house to wait for the flooring estimator. He is supposed to be there between 5 and 7.
I forgot the keys to her house and had to turn around and come back,luckily I wasn't too far out the road and was only a couple minutes after 5 getting there.
I took my laptop and my Verizon mifi card but got no service with it at her house.
We've talked to some people that live around there and they say Verizon service stinks over there. So their advertisement might be questionable where they say their service is everywhere. We have found 1 place to stand to call on our cell phones from there.
Hubbie came over there to relieve me and to do some painting while he waited on the floor guy so I came home to do chores and do some office work.
Finished August totals tonight and they are really down from years past but I am very thankful for what I did make.
Did weekly paperwork and payed bills while I was all alone and quiet.
Daughter came in from her volleyball game ,they won again and have another game tomorrow. She baked a few cakes and I baked a chocolate pound cake for a special order that came in today.
I have several orders for tomorrow thankfully because the week after a holiday is always super slow.
Hubbie finally made it home around 9:30,the guy Home Depot sent to measure for the flooring had just finished. Hubbie thinks he made several mistakes and it definitely should not have taken a professional 3 hours to figure out how much square footage was in the rooms. Home Depot is supposed to call daughter tomorrow with the estimate. Luckily she and I measured the rooms last weekend and know what the measurements should be.
Iced chocolate and coconut cakes tonight and labeled everything else.
God is an awesome God and loves us in awesome ways.
Good Night and God Bless.

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Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hi There, Yes--it does feel like Fall. Love your Fall decorations. I need to think about doing something here soon.

We have Verizon --and we have one of those MiFi's... Use it while in the car and on vacation. There aren't many places we have been where we can't get it...

Have a good day/weekend.